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10 Best Veterinarians In Adelaide That Offer Top-Notch Animal Care

Securing expert veterinary care is vital to maintain your pets’ overall health. With the ten (10) best veterinarians in Adelaide listed, it’s easier to make sure your pets get excellent care.

Seeking the best veterinarians in Adelaide is a smart way to guarantee your pets get proper medical attention. Keeping your pets healthy makes sure they lead happy, healthy lives. For your convenience, check out ten of the best veterinary clinics for pet owners living in and near Adelaide. Pick from these top clinics and get your pet the healthcare service they need.

1. Marion Animal Hospital

Professional vet healthcare available at Marion Animal Hospital makes this facility a favored option for Adelaide pet owners. At this hospital, pets have direct access to parasite protection medication and vaccinations, nutritional care, surgery, and much more.

Experts at this facility work to give your domestic and exotic pets the medical attention they need to stay healthy. It’s easy to book appointments at this hospital, as visits can be scheduled in moments.

Address: 827 Marion Rd, Mitchell Park SA 5043, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8277 3733

Website: www.southvet.com.au

2. Walkerville Vet

At Walkerville Vet, pets get direct access to nothing but top-notch veterinary healthcare. Experienced vets at this hospital along with trained nurses provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatments.

Besides being a top option for world-class animal care, this clinic offers free pup/kitten checks, preschool classes, vaccinations, and more.

Address: 142 North East Road Walkerville SA 5081, Australia

Phone: +618 8344 2000

Website: www.walkervillevet.com.au

3. Para Hills Veterinary Clinic

Pet owners trust the Para Hills Veterinary Clinic for their experience and provision of massive support to maintain animals’ health.

Routine services at this clinic include vaccinations, dental care, diagnostics/X-rays, ultrasounds, and much more. The clinic is also a favoured location for pets that need vet acupuncture counseling and grooming support.

Address: 523 Bridge Rd, Para Hills SA 5096, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8258 4838

Website: www.parahillsvet.com.au

4. Port Adelaide Veterinary Clinic & Cattery

Trusting a clinic to handle your pet’s medical needs could be challenging, but this facility is a clear exception. Pet owners regularly consult the Port Adelaide Veterinary Clinic and Cattery for their professional staff and extensive services.

Regular services available at this clinic include cat boarding, dental care, surgery, grooming, and diagnostics. The hospital offers a comprehensive list of services to pets. Scheduling an appointment at this hospital is comfortable, making it easy to access professional vet healthcare less stressful.

Address: 190-194 Hart St, Ethelton SA 5015, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8449 4011

Website: www.portadelaidevet.com.au

5. Holden Hill Veterinary Clinic

Healthcare services at Holden Hill Veterinary Clinic are at the highest level to support wellbeing of different animals. Apart from providing detailed consultations to assess your pet’s health, the clinic offers world-class medical services.

Routine services offered by this clinic include dental care, diagnostics, pet skincare, behavioural training, diagnostics, and more. And there’s a house call service too, if you’re not keen to leave your comfort zone for a vet appointment. Place your bookings with ease on the website and get direct support to care for your domestic and exotic animals in Adelaide.

Address: 728 North East Road, Holden Hill SA 5088, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8261 9948

Website: www.holdenhillvet.net

6. Adelaide Veterinary Specialist & Referral Centre (AVSARC)

The AVSARC provides a detailed outline of top-class animal healthcare services pets need to stay healthy. Expert vets at this hospital treat animals with best practices in mind offering excellent surgery, oncology, dermatology, and diagnostic services.

And the AVSARC currently stands as one of very few clinics in Adelaide that offer 24/7 veterinary services. With such support, you can get your animals treated at the co-located AEC any time there’s an emergency.  

Address: 102 Magill Rd, Norwood SA 5067, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8132 0533

Website: www.vetreferrals.com.au

7. The Parade Norwood Veterinary Clinic

State-of-the-heart, expert, and budget healthcare for your pets is always hard to ignore, and that’s what this clinic provides. Experienced vets at this facility take advantage of cutting-edge equipment to maintain your pets’ overall health.

Accurate diagnostics, effective prescriptions, and more are available at this clinic to provide on-the-spot medical care to pets.

The Parade Norwood Veterinary Clinic is open every day of the week and on public holidays. 24/7 customer service assistance is available too to cater for pet emergencies outside working hours. Making sure of your pets’ health on a moment’s notice is easy with consultations at this clinic.

Address: 27 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8363 5323

Website: www.paradevet.com

8. AdelaideVet Goodwood Road

The AdelaideVet Goodwood Road offers pets an unrivaled list of services to maintain their overall wellbeing. Some routine services at this clinic include cat boarding, de-sexing, surgery, vaccinations, and dental care.

With more than two-dozen skilled staff, this hospital is always equipped to handle your pets’ health needs. Guaranteeing your pets stay healthy and live long is easy with these vets. You can easily book an appointment online or pay them a visit to give all your pets 100% professional medical care.

Address: 421 Goodwood Rd, Westbourne Park SA 5041, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8169 9755

Website: www.adelaidevet.com.au/

9. Fulham Gardens Animal Hospital – Pets and their People

The Fulham Gardens Animal Hospital is a hub for effective veterinary medicine in Adelaide. Pet owners can trust the expert staff at this hospital to cater to their pets’ health needs. Besides being a top option for animal healthcare, the facility provides support for grooming pets and geriatric care.

Address: 441 Tapleys Hill Rd, Fulham Gardens SA 5024, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8355 5475

Website: www.petsandtheirpeople.com.au

10. Port Road Vet Clinic

A comprehensive set of services are available to pets that need medical care from Port Road Vet Clinic. The clinic provides ample support for pup and kitten vaccinations, de-sexing, emergency care, phone services, and more.

Address: 499 Port Rd, West Croydon SA 5008, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8340 0388

Website: www.portroadvet.com.au


Selecting the best veterinarians in Adelaide is easy when you’ve got access to correct information. Take cues from the list above, and choose the vet that’s best suited to your pets’ needs. Make sure your chosen vet has all the services you seek before booking an appointment. Reaching out by phone or mail is a smart way to know what each vet hospital has to offer. Get your selections in order, and always have an emergency vet service you can trust to keep your pets healthy.

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