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The 10 Best Audiologists in Sydney

The best Audiologists in Sydney, Australia are often hard to find, especially if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for. Most people use Google searches to find what they’re looking for, but that isn’t always the most effective way to go about it, as many of the top results are usually marketing-heavy sites that don’t provide you with much valuable information. Instead, we have compiled this list of the 10 best Audiologists in Sydney based on their reviews and input from others who have used their services.

1. Value Hearing, Sydney

Since 2010, Value Hearing has been helping Australians manage their hearing health and give back some of what they’ve lost. They now boast a wide range of equipment to meet all your hearing needs including digital hearing aids, patient education, and more.

Their catalogue contains comprehensive product ranges for commercial clients which include sound-masking systems, audiometers, speaker verification systems and entry-level personal hearing protectors.

Award-winning solution provider across Australia who strives to provide unrivalled customer service combined with quality products that are built to last.

Address: Level 4, 95 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 1800 861 003

Website: https://www.valuehearing.com.au/

2. Totalcare Hearing

Totalcare Hearing is one of Australia’s leading hearing providers, with many locations around Sydney. They offer a wide range of products and services that can help you get rid of your hearing problems for good, including hearing tests and examinations; earwax removal; assistive listening devices; corrective options; plus, lots more. With high-quality care at an affordable price, Totalcare Hearing is always available when you need them most.

You can easily find one of their many locations in Sydney on their website. Here, you’ll also find lots of information about what they offer, including how to book an appointment with them. If you have any questions or concerns, their dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 by phone or email. Contacting them is easy and convenient, so if you’re ready to solve your hearing problems once and for all Totalcare Hearing is a good choice.

Address:  Shop 10, 251 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

Phone: (02) 8076 3766

Website: https://totalcarehearing.com.au/

3. Audika Sydney

Audika is one of many Audiologist offices located around Australia. The Audiologist industry is an important part of Australia’s healthcare system and performs a vital role within it. Audika has been working with hearing-impaired people since 1904 and their expert, experienced team can provide comprehensive ear care to those who need it.

 Audika is open to people of all ages and works with both children and adults. They work hard to help their patients hear better so they can enjoy life more fully. Their expert, experienced team can help you see, feel and hear better today. So, if you are suffering from hearing loss, don’t wait any longer, contact Audika now for an appointment.

Address: Level 2, Suite 6, 187-191 Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000

Phone: (02) 9299 6911

Website: https://www.audika.com.au/

4. Edgecliff Hearing Ltd

Edgecliff Hearing is considered one of the leading independent hearing aid specialists in Sydney, helping thousands of people with hearing loss. Based at Edgecliff, their experienced team specializes in selling, repairing and servicing hearing aids. Edgecliff Hearing is known for its extensive range of digital equipment and service options, which are all backed by a 12-month unconditional warranty.

They also provide audiology for all ages, from newborns to seniors. Appointments with their team of experienced audiologists can help identify hearing loss and recommend appropriate solutions. They ensure that their customers are aware of all treatment options including medical or surgical correction, hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

The services they offer also include a free after-care programme consisting of regular check-ups and routine cleaning. So, if you want to keep your ears healthy, head to Edgecliff Hearing today.

Address: Suite 301, Edgecliff Centre, 203-233 New South Head Road, Edgecliff NSW 2027

Phone: (02) 9327 8280

Website: https://edgecliffhearing.com.au/

5. Sydney Hearing Clinic

This is one of New South Wales’s leading providers of diagnostic and hearing solutions. Their clinics provide a range of services including children’s assessments, hearing aids, industrial deafness, custom earplugs and occupational health services. contact them to discuss your needs with an experienced specialist today. If you’re looking for an audiologist in Sydney, look no further!

If you are struggling to hear or are concerned about your hearing, schedule an appointment today. They can test your hearing at their clinic before recommending any products.

Address: Level 2E, 322 Kingsgrove Rd, Kingsgrove NSW 2208

Phone: (02) 9171 8800

Website: https://sydneyhearingclinic.com.au/

6. Inner West Hearing

Inner West Hearing has been caring for people with hearing loss since 1997. The centre is fully accredited, with fully qualified audiologists on staff, who use today’s latest technology to help manage your hearing challenges. They offer a range of services, from diagnostic testing to custom-made earmolds that are individually tailored to suit your specific needs.

If you’re looking for an audiologist or audiologist in western Sydney, contact Inner West Hearing. A free initial consultation is available to new patients. For a first-class hearing test, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Inner West Hearing.

Address: 114 Percival Rd, Stanmore, NSW 2048

Phone: 02 8065 2096

Website: https://www.innerwesthearing.com.au/

7. Northern Sydney Hearing

Northern Sydney Hearing has been providing high-quality audiometric, hearing aid, and tinnitus management services for over 20 years now. It boasts of having one of Australia’s largest private diagnostic clinics.

The clinic aims to help clients achieve their lifestyle goals by restoring their hearing to its optimal level with state-of-the-art technology. All staff members have completed specialist training so they can be more efficient when working with clients.

 Whether you need to book an appointment, obtain a hearing assessment or get any other inquiry, you can always reach out to their friendly staff.

Address: Shop 4, Biarritz, 343-345 Sydney Rd, Balgowlah 2093

Phone: (02) 9907 7955

Website: http://northernsydneyhearing.com/

8. NSAudiology

If you’re looking for some high-quality, affordable hearing services near you, look no further than NSAudiology. This fantastic audiology practice is easy to find whether you live or work around Sydney.

No matter what your hearing loss is, you will find an audiologist who can assist with them at NSAudiology. NSAudiology also offers several different treatment plans depending on how severe your condition is.

Its knowledgeable and highly experienced staff members will help match your needs with several different solutions that can help improve your sense of hearing and overall quality of life! Don’t let a decline in your hearing capability keep you from fully enjoying life; book an appointment with NSAudiology today.

Address: Suite 8, 66 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, NSW, 2065

Phone: (02) 9436 0122

Website: https://www.nsaudiology.com.au/

9. Bay Audio

Bay Audio is a leading hearing expert with locations around NSW. They provide their patients with an array of services, including hearing tests, hearing aids technology and fittings, education about how to deal with hearing loss and other related issues.

Bay Audio wants to help you understand your options for helping your hearing. Not only do they have top-of-the-line equipment to help diagnose your problem, but also treatment options tailored specifically for you based on your needs.

They offer a wide range of technology including binaural amplifiers and directional microphones as well as digital hearing devices that can help those who have been diagnosed with both severe to milder forms of hearing loss.

They provide individualized service for each patient as your particular case requires it, from evaluation through treatment and aftercare needs.

Address: PO BOX 415 Parramatta, NSW 2124

Phone: 1800 054 036

Website: https://www.bayaudio.com.au/

10. Connect Hearing AU

While there are several different audiology clinics and practices scattered throughout Sydney, Connect Hearing has risen to become one of Australia’s most trusted hearing healthcare providers.

 The company has a team of experienced audiology doctors, audiologists, and other healthcare professionals who have been helping people enjoy their hearing for over a decade. Connect Hearing is known for its welcoming atmosphere and commitment to treating patients with respect and dignity. The practice focuses on providing personalized care that is informed by each patient’s unique needs and preferences. ​

Address: Challis House, Level 4, 4 Martin Pl, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: 1300 130 578

Website: https://www.connecthearing.com.au/


If you or a loved one has suffered hearing loss, consult an audiologist to see what’s causing it and how it can be treated. If you are having trouble hearing, don’t suffer in silence. Finding an experienced audiologist is an important step when you think about protecting your hearing. I hope that this guide has been helpful and given you enough information on which to decide.

If you’re looking for an audiologist, look no further than these ten professionals. All of them provide a high level of service and care and ensure your experience with hearing loss is comfortable and pleasant. Don’t delay—contact one of these audiologists today to book your appointment!

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