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10 Best Chiropractors in Brisbane

Chiropractors are known to be one of the best professionals who can help you with your spinal problems. They provide chiropractic care which is a non-invasive method that helps in treating various types of pain and discomfort related to the muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. The power of chiropractic treatments lies in their ability to restore proper function by targeting the cause at its root level.

However, choosing an experienced Brisbane Chiropractor is not easy as there are many options available for you nowadays. Luckily, we have compiled the 10 best chiropractors in Brisbane that are well-trained and will care about what you have to say. Whether it’s back pain or neck pain, they’ll be able to help!

1. Brisbane Chiropractic Centre

For over 100 years, Brisbane Chiropractic Centre has provided residents of Brisbane, Queensland with reliable chiropractic care. As one of Brisbane’s most trusted clinics, Brisbane Chiropractic Centre has helped to reduce back pain and neck aches for countless clients suffering from muscle stiffness or injury. Using a variety of proven techniques such as spinal manipulation, soft tissue massage and rehabilitative exercises; Brisbane Chiropractic Centre aim to treat each client with professionalism and courtesy.

Whether you have been involved in an accident or suffer from a sports injury, take comfort knowing that Brisbane Chiropractic Centre will make a dedicated effort to help improve your mobility whilst delivering a state of art service.

Address: Level 5/243 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +61732296993

Website: http://www.brisbanechiropracticcentre.com.au/

2. Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness Centre offer a wide range of treatments for all ages to ensure your complete well-being. The team at Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness Centre is made up of highly experienced and qualified chiropractors, therapists and other medical professionals who will help treat you with care and understanding, making it easy for you to take control of your health today.

 They also provide a range of therapies for people of all ages, including injury management, postural correction and more. The team at Yeronga Chiropractic & Wellness Centre are dedicated to helping each patient reach their maximum potential.

Address: 46 Shottery St, Yeronga QLD 4104, Australia

Phone: +61738921440

Website: http://www.yerongachiropractic.com.au/

3. Back to Front Chiropractic | South Brisbane

Back to Front Chiropractic is a chiropractor based out of South Brisbane, and has been servicing patients for over 10 years now. As one of Australia’s leading back to front chiropractors, Back to Front Chiropractic has helped thousands relieve their pain and ailments through his expertise and experience. If you’re looking for excellent chiropractic care at affordable prices.

When you come to Back to Front Chiropractic, they will do everything they can to make sure your experience is comfortable and easy. If you’re looking for a chiropractor that genuinely cares about his patients, visit Back to Front Chiropractic today.

Address: 4/32-36 Hampton St, East Brisbane QLD 4169, Australia

Phone: +61733932201

Website: http://www.backtofront.com.au/

4. Chiropractix – Chiropractor Brisbane

If you’re looking for a high-quality chiropractor, look no further than Chiropractix – Chiropractor. With a holistic approach to health and wellness, they specialize in spinal corrections, mobility rehabilitation and more. Their friendly staff is great at creating an atmosphere of trust, making them one of Brisbane’s best options for chiropractic services.  They also offer acupuncture and massage therapy on-site!

There’s no better place to get in touch with your true self—visit their office today. If you’re in search of a healthier way of life, visit their website or call them now. Chiropractix – Chiropractor Brisbane practice has been providing patients with customized treatment plans since 1994. Offering what many consider to be some of the highest quality care in all of Queensland.

Address: 16 Gordon St, Milton QLD 4064, Australia

Phone: +61733690110

Website: https://www.chiropractix.com.au/

5. Stott Chiropractic

Finding a great chiropractor can be like finding a great doctor: difficult and expensive. Thankfully, Stott Chiropractic offers affordable, patient-centred treatment for all aches and pains, from migraines to sports injuries. Perhaps one of THE best-known names for chiropractic services in Brisbane is Stott Chiropractic.

Lauded by locals and known to people who have never even been to Queensland, they remain a must-visit location if you’re experiencing back or neck pain from any cause. The best part? They provide free consultations! If you suffer from back pain and want a treatment plan, make an appointment with Stott today. 

Address: 631 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd, Sinnamon Park QLD 4073, Australia

Phone: +61732795252

Website: https://stott.com.au/

6. Dynamic Chiropractic – Brisbane CBD

Dynamic Chiropractic, a top-rated chiropractor clinic in Brisbane, Queensland. At Dynamic Chiropractic they offer expert and affordable chiropractic treatment to help treat your back pain and neck pain so you can enjoy life again. From kids to adults they helped many people regain their health and get them feeling great again.

Being active is important, but if you’re having trouble with your back or neck it can be hard to be as active as you want. The good news is that chiropractic treatment isn’t just for athletes and people who work out regularly; anyone who wants to reduce pain, increase flexibility and improve overall health can benefit from seeing a chiropractor like Dynamic Chiropractic. If you would like more information about how they help their patients please go to their website. You can also call them directly. Don’t let back pain hold you back. Get expert help from Dynamic Chiropractic.

Address: Level 3/214 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +61424785699

Website: https://dynamicchiro.com.au/

7. Chiropractors of Ascot

If you’re from Brisbane and have been looking for chiropractors in Ascot, look no further. At Chiropractors of Ascot, they can help to relieve your back pain without drugs or surgery—they specialize in aligning your spine and bones naturally and comfortably. They know how busy our patients are; They always try to make sure They take as little time as possible, and They offer flexible appointment times and locations.

Their holistic approach, great service and reasonable prices are why They are among Perth’s favourite chiropractors. To find out more, visit their website or give them a call. Their friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have. Don’t hesitate—get your appointment today! 

Address: 91 Sandgate Rd, Albion QLD 4010, Australia

Phone: +61732623000

Website: http://chirosofascot.com.au/

8. Andrew Gorman Chiropractic

Andrew Gorman is a chiropractor based in Brisbane who treats patients of all ages. He’s dedicated to helping people lead healthier lives and loves working with athletes and others to make sure their bodies are at their best. Andrew cares about getting results for his patients, making time every day to follow up on how they’re doing.

 To help patients recover from various injuries and conditions, Andrew Gorman uses several techniques. These include massage therapy, corrective exercises, electric muscle stimulation, and cold laser therapy. With these tools at his disposal, he can help people return to a healthier lifestyle and reduce their pain levels. a

Address: 2 Athena Grove, Springwood QLD 4127, Australia

Phone: +61405726096

Website: https://www.springwoodchiropractor.com.au/

9. Our Chiro | Chiropractor Brisbane

Our Chiro Inc is a leading chiropractor practice based in Brisbane, offering specialist treatment to help ease back pain, improve mobility and reduce stress. Visit their clinic today to find out more! With two locations across Brisbane, their team of professional chiropractors are dedicated to helping patients live their best lives through expert treatment.

 Our Chiro Inc specialises in helping people who are suffering from back pain or neck pain. By regularly visiting their clinic, you can find relief for your chronic aches and pains with expert chiropractic treatment. Their highly-trained team of chiropractors use both gentle and effective techniques to help improve mobility, reduce stress and improve overall health.

Address: 1/915 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

Phone: +61732570399

Website: https://www.ourchiro.com.au/

10. Brisbane Chiropractic

If you’re looking for a well-established, friendly and professional chiropractor Brisbane offers, look no further than Brisbane Chiropractic Inc. In addition to servicing clients throughout Brisbane, they also offer quality Chiropractor services ranging from spinal manipulations to infant correction procedures. 

The team at Brisbane Chiropractic is highly skilled and professionally trained, boasting years of experience in their field. Contact Brisbane Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment with one of their qualified Chiropractors.

Address: 7 Marsh St, Cannon Hill QLD 4170, Australia

Phone: +61732179039

Website: http://www.brisbanechiropractic.com.au/


To conclude our list of chiropractors in Brisbane, we’d like to stress that a good chiropractor should be a patient’s first port of call when experiencing back pain. It doesn’t matter if your pains are from work-related stress or from being hit by a bus, your body can’t cope with ongoing stress and will break down.

Regular chiropractic treatments will help ensure that you don’t suffer any long-term damage from relatively minor knocks and bumps. If you have been working hard and notice an increase in your body pain, it’s probably time to take a look at whether you’re getting enough rest. We hope our list helps you decide which chiropractor is right for you!

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