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Top 8 Best Countries for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism pertains to patients going out of their native countries in order to get treated. Over a hundred thousand Americans go abroad for medical tourism purposes each year, with tens of thousands more from other nations following the same practice.

The reason for this is due to the cheap costs of treatment as compared to their own countries, or due to their specialization in the field. Some may also opt to get treated in other countries due to privacy issues.

There are certain locations, however, that are favorites of medical tourists, depending on the condition that they have or the treatment that they want to be done. These countries are the ones most visited by those who seek medical care, although some are only sought out for one specific area of medicine. In any case, here are some the best countries for medical tourism as well as the reasons for their popularity.


India is one of the best places to get cheap medical care without skimping on quality. Many doctors are U.S. trained, and their equipment are also at par with most developed countries.

Not only does India provide a wide range of specializations that can cater to most medical tourists, but the costs of such care and treatment are said to be at least cheaper by half when compared to getting treated in the United States.

Several private hospitals in India also offer hotel-like services such as private chefs, free Wi-Fi, and free pickups from the airport. India is also known for quick response and treatment, with patients no longer required to wait several days for surgery upon diagnosis. India is the country sought out for fields such as organ transplants, fertility, oncology, and many more.


Thailand is a favorite of medical tourists who want to get aesthetic treatments. Plastic surgery, dental surgery, and dermatological treatments are the fields that patients look for. Around half a million patients coming in from abroad are treat in one hospital alone, namely the Bumrungrad International Hospital, which is located in the nation’s capital of Bangkok.

Recovering in Thailand is also one of the reasons why patients travel here to get work done. Aside from the relaxing ambience, medical tourists can opt for Thai massages and other therapies as well as lounge in recovery gardens as they heal up.

South Korea

Aside from cosmetic services, South Korea is known to medical tourists for their innovative medical technologies. The country ranks among the top when it comes to cutting edge equipment, which makes their medical institutions one of the most sought after for cosmetic and spinal surgeries.

The Woodirul Spine Hospital, located in the nation’s capital, performs over 20,000 spinal surgeries each year, with a large percentage of these done on non-citizens.

Another reason for going to South Korea for treatment is that they provide insurance coverage for medical tourists. These cover complications due to treatment and even death. Medical tourists going to South Korea for treatment can expect savings from 25 to 50 percent when compared to getting the same type of medical care in the United States.


Taiwan is a country regarded as one of the best when it comes to liver and kidney care, particularly when it comes to transplants. The first liver and kidney transplants in Asia where done in hospitals located in the country, and hundreds are being done annually at an affordable rate.

The cost of medical care in Taiwan is around half of that in the United States. The quality of their healthcare is also fast becoming at par with world-class countries.

Aside from transplants, medical tourists also go to Taiwan for their specialties in the field of orthopedics. Those with heart conditions also make this country one of their go to destinations when it comes to their medical needs.


Singapore has long been lauded as one of the best medical destinations in the world. Specializing in numerous fields, Singapore boasts state of the art equipment and facilities as well as highly qualified medical practitioners.

The country has maintained the top spot in Asia when it comes to health care throughout the years, making Singapore one of the most visited for medical needs by those both within and outside Asia.

While not relatively cheap when compared to its Asian neighbors, the cost of health care in Singapore is still far cheaper when compared to the United States. Getting treated in Singapore will save you money by at least a quarter as compared to getting it in the U.S.


Brazil has some of the best surgeons in Latin America, accordingly to the World Health Organization. Butt-lifts and facial reconstructive surgery are among the services that medical tourists come for, although other forms of treatment are also available.

Brazil can be proud of the fact that they are often the pioneers when it comes to medical innovation technologies, and procedures. This makes them one of the most visited locations in the world when it comes to medical needs, totaling around 300,000 per year.

Aside from 20 to 30 percent savings on health costs, Brazil also provides a very relaxing climate and ambience that allows for a quick and comfortable recovery for patients who have had treatments done in the country.


Mexico is another nation popular to medical travelers when it comes to dental work as well as cosmetic procedures. It is a short distance for Americans to get there, and they can also save as much as half or more for medical services done there. Aside from that, medical tourists also have a lot of privacy to get treatment done in the country.

The country is also home to around a hundred hospitals. This, along with the rich art, history, culture, and cuisine, makes Mexico one of the prime destinations for both medical needs as well as leisure and recovery.


Those in need of medical care need not be limited to their localities, as several countries are capable of providing better, cheaper, and alternative health care services. While some may have issues with regards to getting insurance coverages and while some may also think of the additional costs of airfare and accommodations, the savings and quality treatments that you can get from these countries may be well worth it.


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