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10 Best Medicine Clinics in Melbourne!

Best Clinics in Melbourne

Australia is globally renowned for its stellar healthcare services. Listed below is a list of trusted and reliable healthcare facilities in the city of Melbourne.

1.    Swanton Street Medical Center

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Swanston Street Medical Center

Situated in the heart of Melbourne city, it is a part of the renowned Fullerton Health Network. The major medical center is known to provide personalized and high-quality healthcare services over a vast medical spectrum. Conveniently located in central Melbourne, the facility is easily accessible to residents in the area.

2.    Collins Street Medical Center

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Collins Street Medical Centre

A comparatively recent addition to the Melbourne healthcare industry, this medical facility has 4 practice nurses, 9 registered GPs (general practitioners) and onsite pathology service. From travel medicine, skin cancer checks to chronic disease management, it also provides mental health care for patients.

3.    Era Health Doctor Melbourne CBD

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Era Health

This famous, award-winning medical center provides experienced general practitioners, podiatrists, occupational health services, dentists and physiotherapists. It’s been only a decade since the medical facility opened its doors – but it has come a long way. Now its customers can access a vast range of facilities at one place.

4.    Royal Melbourne Hospital

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Royal Melbourne Hospital

For nearly 170 years, this hospital has provided a comprehensive range of healthcare services to Victorians. The hospital is recognized globally as a center for outstanding healthcare facilities and medical research programs.

5.    The Alfred

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The Alfred

It is one of the busiest trauma and emergency centers in Australia. With the largest Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the state, it also prizes itself as the only lung and heart transplant facility in the state. With a range of statewide services, the patients can access any healthcare service they need.

6.    The Melbourne Clinic

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The Melbourne Clinic

A relatively smaller facility compared to others in the list, The Melbourne Clinic is a 175-bed facility. It is the biggest mental healthcare facility in Australia. With its outreach program, day and inpatient programs, it is widely renowned for its inclusive service and patient-centered care.

7.    The Women’s

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The Royal Women’s Hospital

It is the largest and first of its kind hospital that is dedicated to the healthcare of women and newborns. Another hospital that has been active for 160 years, has advocated for new approaches regarding the health of women. It treats 250,000 cases each year since women from different nationalities reside in Melbourne.

8.    St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

As a tertiary public healthcare service, it provides different surgical, acute medical, aged, critical care, mental health, allied health, rehabilitation, residential and palliative care. It operates in collaboration with a huge list of partners to maintain their quality of treatment and other initiatives. The facility has 880 beds and a staff of 5,000 nurses.

9.     Melbourne Regional Medical Center

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Melbourne Regional Medical Center

The Melbourne Regional Medical Center started out as a smallish facility that consisted of 10 beds. Initially, it served the nearby communities of Brevard. But it expanded and grew into a large-scale facility that it is today. It is now a fully-integrated, leading and comprehensive healthcare provider present on the Space Coast.

10.  Melbourne Private Hospital

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Melbourne Private Hospital

This medical facility is collocated with the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Boasting 124 beds, they provide a vast range of surgical and medical services to their immediate Melbourne community, but also accommodate international, regional and rural patients.

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