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10 Best Therapists in Perth

Consulting the best therapists in Perth could be crucial to manage health challenges and recover with ease. That’s why this list of ten top therapists operating in Perth will surely come in handy.

Working with the best therapists in Perth is an excellent way to overcome health issues, beat disorders, and live freely. That’s why it’s vital to look through this list of ten expert therapists currently serving clients in Perth and surrounding cities.

Booking an appointment to any specialist on this list could prove vital to boost your overall health without hassle!

1. Wellbeing Therapy Space

Experienced therapists at Well-being Therapy Space use science-based therapy treatment methods to help clients beat several mental health challenges. Children, adolescents, adults, and couples can get professional help to manage anxiety, depression, grief, bullying, career switch, and more.

The overall wellbeing of clients is a major concern for experts at this centre.  They’re easy to locate and offer tele-healthcare services for clients’ convenience.

In addition to regular and specialised therapy, Well-being Therapy Space helps clients recover from trauma by offering EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy. The centre is accredited by various bodies to offer individual, couples, child & adolescent, and family therapy services. All therapists at Well-being Therapy Space are licensed and highly qualified to provide professional counselling & psychotherapy treatment.

Address: First, Floor Suite 20/80 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 208 680

Website: www.wellbeingtherapyspace.com.au

2. Vivid Psychology PTY Ltd.

Apart from being a trusted facility for psychological support, Vivid Psychology provides effective therapies to manage various health problems.

The centre adopts various evidence-based therapeutic methods to support children, adolescents, adults, couples and families with psychological challenges.

The therapies on offer help clients successfully deal with relationship problems, workplace issues, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, and more.

Booking appointments with Vivid Psychology is quite easy, and you can schedule a consultation online in minutes.

Address: 973 Wellington St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9226 3401

Website: www.vividpsychology.com.au

3. Breathe Counselling

Struggling with mental health issues can be overwhelming without the right support. That’s why Breathe Counselling offers a solution to individuals, couples, and families suffering from relationship stress, emotional and mental issues.

The centre boasts of experts who give both online, face to face, and after-hours counselling and recommendations for therapy. Therapy recommended from any expert at this centre is based on fact and is effective, safe, and rewarding.

You can book appointments with any consultant you desire; just reach out through any of the channels below.  

Address: 2f/618 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: +61 422 275 494

Website: www.breathecounsellingperth.com.au

4. Perth Wellness Centre

Perth Wellness Centre has several experts who offer various services from physiotherapy to occupational therapy, massage therapy, psychology, and more. Staff at this centre work to develop a therapy regime to help clients gain a swift recovery without stress.

Experts at this centre are always delighted to help clients attain their health goals. Reaching out to an expert therapist is easy, and you’ll be served the best therapy you seek without hassle.

This centre is open from Monday to Friday and accepts walk-in appointments at all times.  Learning how to work with a therapist can be difficult especially if you’re new to it; but with experts guiding you along your journey, you’ll gain clarity and peace of mind while regaining physical mobility. So if you want personalized care tailored just for you, contact Perth Wellness Centre today!

Address: 9 Colin St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9321 1964

Website: www.perthwellness.com.au

5. South Perth Psychology

Tina Mathanda is the principal psychologist at South Perth Psychology. She has over 20 years of experience working with clients to explore harmful life events and recommend suitable, effective treatments.

Individuals, groups, couples can benefit from her wealth of experience.

Online booking of appointments is also available. With a scheduled meeting, clients get access to a safe, supportive environment where mental health issues can be managed.

Tina prides herself on being a trustworthy and insightful therapist. She holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, so you know you’re getting professional, expert treatment. If you need help to move past mental health challenges or have been diagnosed with an illness that requires therapy, contact South Perth Psychology today! You can reach Tina or make an appointment online. From your first contact with her office until your last session concludes, you will receive quality service every step of the way.

Address: Suite 23, Level 5/30-34 Charles St, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

Phone: +61 411 619 002

Website: www.counsellingwest.com.au

6. Mount Pleasant Counselling Centre

Individuals, couples, and families can benefit from evidence-based treatment available at Mount Pleasant Counselling Centre. Compassionate experts at this centre help clients manage a wide variety of mental health issues.

Routine services at this centre include marriage and couple counselling, forensic assessment, marriage counselling, and more.

And that’s not all!

Experts at this centre are qualified to recommend several therapies to assist clients overcome various disorders and challenges. Therapies recommended from this centre can help people overcome addiction, depression, eating problems, trauma, and much more.

Address: Suite 23, Level 5/30-34 Charles St, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

Phone: +61 417 910 911

Website: www.mountpleasantcounsellingcentre.com.au

7. Mount Lawley Counselling Centre

Mount Lawley Counselling Centre boasts several experts who specialize in treating various mental health issues. The centre’s location makes it an excellent place to get nothing but top-notch counselling and therapeutic care. Therapists at this location provide enough support clients need to manage parenting or relationship issues, depression, and more.

Whether you’re looking for counselling for depression, anxiety, or any other issue that can affect your life and wellbeing, it’s best to seek help from a professional therapist. If you live in Mount Lawley and are considering taking advantage of therapy, consider visiting Mt Lawley Counselling Centre first. Their experts provide excellent care that could change your life. Contact them today to set up an appointment. You don’t have to suffer; you don’t have to be alone—make a positive change today!

Address: 13 Alvan St, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Australia

Phone: +61 450 856 700

Website: www.mtlawleycounselling.com.au

8. Sex Therapy Perth

Do you have concerns about your sex life and need someone experienced to talk to? Sex Therapy Perth is the best place to visit.

The centre offers a safe environment for clients to share their concerns about sex, dating, relationship, and sexual health.

Problems regarding sex can prove to be a heavy burden to carry, that’s why this centre will recommend an effective solution. Visit Sex Therapy Perth today to get the help you need to make major improvements in your sex life.

Address: 4/94 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9200 2250

Website: www.sextherapyperth.com.au

9. Healthfocus Clinical Psychology Services

Experienced therapists at this clinic help clients deal with mental health challenges like (OCD), weight loss/eating disorders, and more.

The centre also offers therapy sessions in three major languages – Chinese, Czech, and Slovak. Such provisions make it easy to accommodate clients who prefer to engage therapy in their native language.

The centre is open on weekends, which means that people from all over Western Australia can conveniently seek therapeutic help. Furthermore, special therapy programs for people who work full-time are available at no extra cost. In fact, many of these sessions take place outside of normal working hours so as to not interfere with a client’s daily schedule.

Address: Shop 6 Pioneer Village Complex, 7 Albany Hwy, Mount Richon WA 6112, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9399 1911

Website: www.healthfocuspsychology.com.au

10. PsyChange

A simple change can make a big difference. That’s why PsyChange helps clients breathe positive changes to life that improves mental health and overall wellbeing. At PsyChange, welcoming, qualified, and experienced psychologists help clients tackle anxiety and stress, depression, relationship problem, and more via online counselling. Therapies recommended from this centre will prove useful to make clients recover from several challenges with relative ease.

PsyChange has helped many clients improve mental health and wellbeing. This centre offers online counselling services and face-to-face appointments for adults, teens, couples, and families of all ages. Let a qualified psychologist help you make healthy change today. Don’t let negativity get in your way anymore. If you are tired of living with negativity, it’s time to get professional help from PsyChange. Call or visit their website to discuss how they can assist you on your journey to positive mental health.

Address: 45 Ventnor Ave, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 962 366

Website: www.psychange.com.au


Guaranteed expertise and effective treatments is sure when you consult the best therapists in Perth. Booking appointments with an expert therapist could be for different reasons.

Make sure you pick the therapist with the experience and qualifications to meet your needs. That’s the best way to get great results from engaging effective, life-transforming therapy with ease!

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