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10 Highest Paying Medicine Careers and Specialties

The medical stream is fierce. Going through rigorous studies and practice in this profession for many years makes you perfect and liable for high paid salary and respected position.

Top 10 Medicine Careers

1. Neurosurgeons

Becoming a full-fledged neurosurgeon takes almost 10-12 years of study, which further depends on the specialty with which you are dealing.

Neurosurgeons specialize in diagnosing and treating central and peripheral nervous system disorders by performing surgeries whenever required. It includes conditions as infection in the brain or spine, strokes, tumours, trauma, etc.

A bonus of $101,736, is added to the amount which makes a salary from $70,957 to $594,428

2. Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist is a person who deals with patients suffering from anesthesia. Before an operation, they involve in preparing for preoperative care.

Most anesthesiologists take the time of 8 years to complete the study before becoming fully qualified

The total salary starts from $51,965 to $300,000 and which includes a bonus pay of $0 to $12,000 and a profit of $2,055.

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3. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of emotional and mental disorders. They often face complicated medical issues. Therefore they must have excellent communication skills, which helps in understanding the case study of patients in a better way.

They become fully skilled within five years.

The total pay is between $68,784 to $297,094, which includes a bonus pay of $54,000 and a profit of up to $35,500.

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4. Physician/Doctor, cardiologist

A physician usually has the responsibility of diagnosing, treating, promoting, and restoring health. They may specialize in their practice and treat specific disorders and ailments.

A cardiologist is the one who deals in the diagnosis and treatment of medical issues related to the heart. Complete qualification of becoming a physician/cardiologist usually requires ten years of training.

A physician/doctor and a cardiologist earns  salary between $60,000 to $400,000.

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5. Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN)

Obstetricians are also known as gynecologists. Obstetrics is the field that deals with health issues such as pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.
It takes about 11-14 years to become a qualified OB/GYN.

The salary of a gynecologist ranges between $50,013 to $391,486.

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6. Pediatrician

A pediatrician specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of physical, mental, and behavioural disorders in children. 

A pediatrician can diagnose and treat any health issues which can be minor or the big one. They are also qualified to provide vaccination facilities to kids.

A pediatrician earns an average salary of $100,478 a year.

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7. Dentist

Good oral health is the most significant part of keeping our body healthy and fit. For dental check-ups and care, you need to visit a dentist

The average pay as per experience level is as follows: at the initial level ($93,000), when you have experience of few years, i.e. ($104,000), fully experienced ($121,000), and at last reaches to  ($106,000).

8. Optometrist –

Optometrists specialize in eye health are involved in examining the eyes, detecting, and treating problems with a patient’s vision.

In Australia, an optometrist usually undergoes three years of study.

The average salary of the optometrist is ($114,000) yearly.

9. Physiotherapist

They are experts who deal with movement and function, physiotherapists, diagnose, and treat a person’s ability to operate their body parts.

In Australia, a physiotherapist has a course of 4 years for study.

The average salary for a physiotherapist is $62,614.

10. Podiatrist

A podiatrist specializes in diagnoses and treatment of medical and surgical problems related to the feet and lower limbs.

Becoming a qualified podiatrist takes four years in Australia.

The total salary of a podiatrist ranges from $49,441 to $94,819 yearly.

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