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10 Best Therapists in Hobart

With so many therapist options and so much personal information shared, how do you know who to choose? You need a therapist you can trust. Working with the best therapists in Hobart is an excellent way to maximize your resilience against several nagging challenges. That’s why this list of ten professional therapists in Hobart will come in handy to guarantee you improve and thrive.

Consulting the best therapists in Hobart is a smart way to ensure a swift recovery from various challenges. Find details on ten professional therapists currently practicing in Hobart to fast-track overcoming any challenge that comes your way.

If you were looking for the best therapists in Hobart, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of therapists we think are ideal for treating a number of different conditions. These therapists offer different services to meet clients’ immediate and long-term needs. Pick the therapist best suited to handle your needs for safe, effective recovery from any physical or mental issues.  

1. Hobart Counselling Centre

Hobart Counselling Centre offers psychotherapy services to clients in Tasmania keen on professional, effective therapy. Routine therapies from this centre are curated to remedy personal, work-related, and relationship differences.

The centre also works to offer correct counselling and therapy services to combat different disorders, traumas, and gender diversity problems. Consultations at this centre hold under strict confidence too, so there’s no chance of word getting out about your therapy.

This centre offers walk-in counselling services, and you can book an appointment directly on their website. They also offer professional phone consultations too, so you don’t need to be in Tasmania to get help from them. This also makes it easy for others around Australia to get help from them when they don’t have a local therapist they trust—or when they want someone that specialises in a different form of therapy like art therapy or sex therapy.

Address: Level 1/181 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 487 338 103

Website: www.hobartcounsellingcentre.com.au

2. Salamanca Psychology

Salamanca Psychology offers comprehensive services to assess and treat various psychological disorders. With skilled practitioners and several years of experience to bank on, clients are guaranteed expert support from top psychotherapists.

The centre offers top services to combat addictions, resolve conflict, and manage mental and physical challenges for adults and children.

Tele-health services are available too, and you can get an appointment scheduled in moments. They  also have a special deal for first-time clients where you can get 15% off your first session!

Therapy is about digging deeper, uncovering long-standing patterns that may be holding you back and developing new skills to get back on track. Whether that means healing from trauma or finding ways to resolve conflict, getting professional support will help move you towards a more fulfilling life.

Address: 1/8 Brooke St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 6224 1633

Website: www.salamancapsychology.com.au

3. Dr. Meg Scanlan | Balanced: Mind Body Life

Balanced:Mind Body Life offers services to children, teen, and adults struggling with various mental health conditions. Experts at this centre led by Meg Scanlan adopt proven techniques to help patients overcome different challenges without stress.

Services offered at this centre include individual, family, and group therapy with well-researched, effective methods. Clients can schedule an appointment with ease and secure consultations with top experts

The centre also welcomes clients who have recently experienced a traumatic event. Balanced: Mind Body Life experts will develop an individualized treatment plan to help clients cope with difficult situations. At Balanced: Mind Body Life, clients are treated with compassion and empathy and all interactions are confidential. Clients can attend therapy sessions at various times according to their schedule, which is designed to fit any busy lifestyle.

Address: Level 1/121 Collins St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 475 000 679

Website: www.tasmindbodylife.com

4. Dr. Jeremy Adams | Eclectic Consulting Psychology

Eclectic Psychology adopts psychotherapy based on cognitive behaviour therapy and other proven practices to help clients combat various challenges.

Eclectic Consulting Psychology offers a range of counselling services for individuals and couples. They are professional psychologists located in Hobart, Tasmania. Eclectic Consulting Psychology is committed to providing confidential, high quality psychological services to you, at an affordable price.Therapies supported at this centre are designed to provide assistance towards overcoming anxiety, addictions, stress, eating disorders, and trauma.

They offer a variety of counseling approaches and techniques that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. They know that the most important factor in helping you achieve your goals is their relationship with you. All the therapies are designed to boost wellbeing of clients, increase work satisfaction, boost communication, save relationships, and more. Sport and performance therapies are also available to help professionals recover swiftly and achieve excellence.

Address: 114 Bathurst St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9016 0306

Website: www.eclectic-consult.com

5. PsychologyWorks

Residents in Hobart and other areas in Tasmania can bank on the over-three-decade experience available at PsychologyWorks. Experienced practitioners at this clinic offer more than regular psychology service to clients. Counselling and therapy services extend to offer bio-psycho-social approaches to help clients overcome persistent pain.

The therapists here also help those with chronic pain, complicated grief, eating disorders, family issues and various forms of trauma.  PsychologyWorks holds a Level 4 accreditation from Australia’s leading professional body for psychologists—the Australian Psychological Society (APS). This is in addition to a highly positive online reputation from past customers. Their therapists are qualified in various areas including clinical psychology, health psychology and counselling psychology. They also have cultural diversity training to ensure they can offer culturally sensitive services to people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Customers are happy to recommend PhyschologyWorks on review platforms such as Google Maps where they rave about how their therapists have helped them deal with relationship problems or overcome post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from different traumatic incidents.

Address: Level 8/39 Murray St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 6234 3555

Website: www.psychologyworks.com.au

6. Dr. Georgina O’Donnell

Georgina offers her many years of experience to clients struggling with significant mental health challenges. Her experience as a certified clinical psychologist comes to bear to help patients form an effective therapy regime.

Booking appointments can be complete within minutes, and you can get an assessment as soon as you want.

As a psychologist, Dr. Georgina understands your motivations and offers guidance through any mental health struggles you may face. If you’re having trouble coping with overwhelming stress or anxiety, for example, she can guide you towards effective strategies for dealing with it.  Dr. Georgina helps clients get back on track to live happy, healthy lives: that is her goal, and she will work closely with you to achieve it!

Address: Hobart Corporate Centre, Level 3/85 Macquarie St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 6270 2225

Website: www.georginaodonnell.com.au

7. Hobart Marriage Counselling

Dr. Johannes Kelder offers immense support to clients with in-person therapy and heads operations at Hobart Marriage Counselling. Sex in relationships is a major issue many couples can’t seem to find a solution to. But couples with an appointment to this centre can be sure of unrivalled support to guarantee better intimacy in their relationship. Couples can also get expert assistance to remedy issues plaguing their relationship with effective therapies

This centre is staffed by experts who can help you resolve any issues which may be affecting your relationship. They  offer individual therapy, Couples Therapy and family counselling services to patients. Dr Johannes Kelder heads operations at Hobart Marriage Counselling and he has 16 years of experience as a therapist. They recognise that everyone has unique situations, tastes and preferences. Their counsellors have a wide range of specialisations and skills to suit individual needs. You may choose to see the same counsellor each time or try different counsellors according to your needs at the time.

He takes special care to ensure that each patient receives specialised attention from him based on their unique needs. For couples seeking intimacy within their marriage but struggling with finding solutions, a short visit to Hobart Marriage Counselling could have lasting benefits for your bond!

Address: 181 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7001, Australia

Phone: +61 408 450 008

Website: www.hobartmarriagecounselling.com.au/

8. Hill Street Psychology

Do you live close to the Hobart CBD and want an expert to guide your therapy for excellent results? Hill Street Psychology is an excellent option for residents close to Hobart’s busy city centre. Clients with an appointment to this centre get the best counselling and psychotherapy to handle different mental health challenges. Routine services at this centre are designed to help clients manage phobias, depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, and much more. 

It also offers a dedicated child and adolescent service for adolescents between 12 and 17 years of age. Also offered is couples counselling, family therapy, hypnotherapy, and clinical psychology.  In case you’re looking for more options to access psychological services, Hill Street Psychology lets you book online through its secure online booking system.

They work with people who are experiencing challenges in life and who want to be able to function better, achieve their goals or resolve emotional difficulties. They also help people who are ready for change and want to achieve their personal or professional potential. In addition to being able to book online, you can book an appointment with one of their therapists by calling them directly or via email as well.  

Address: 93 Hill St, West Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 417 587 197

Website: www.hillstreetpsychology.com.au

9. Life Matters: Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling adopts a total hands-on approach to ensure clients get nothing but top-notch counselling services. Therapy available from this centre is designed to help patients improve their overall wellbeing and see life from a positive perspective.

Different forms of therapy and counselling are available for clients to leverage towards recovering, rediscovering, and rebuilding their purpose. Life Matters: Holistic Counselling is a team of experienced child and adult psychologists. They have extensive experience in the field of psychology. They are also a group of relaxed, approachable people who love people and value the relationships that we build with their clients.

Life Matters offers a variety of services designed to help clients find happiness, balance, and joy once again. These include: life coaching, behavioural therapy, trauma therapy, marriage counselling and much more. In addition to face-to-face sessions with qualified counsellors at their clinic, people can also sign up for group courses that focus on building emotional resilience.

Address: Ground Floor, 12 Smith St, North Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 421 716 742

Website: www.counsellingholistic.com.au

10. Verity Coulter Occupational Therapy Services

Verity Coulter offers the best rehabilitation services to make sure businesses get excellent output from their staff. The various employee assistance programmes available are designed to lessen chances of work injuries and prevent recurring accidents.

Experts from this centre also offer ergonomic consultancy services along with occupational rehabilitation support. They offer a broad range of healthcare solutions to prevent work-related injuries and accidents. Injury management programmes, screening services, ergonomic analysis and case management are just some of their service offerings. Rehabilitation services are also available at their centre.

Occupational therapists help injured workers recover completely by tailoring rehabilitation plans based on individual needs. Specialised treatment for certain conditions is available at Verity Coulter’s centre. These include hand therapy and spinal cord injury therapy among others.

Address: 2/286 Macquarie St, South Hobart TAS 7004, Australia

Phone: +61 3 6223 8999

Website: www.workingrehabtas.com.au


Consulting the best therapists in Hobart for your needs proves crucial to help you beat life’s challenges without stress. A professional therapist has all the tools, training, and experience to help you maximize your gains from any recovery program.

We hope our list of the best therapists in Hobart will prove helpful to those who are looking for ways to cope with difficult times. Each of the therapists on our list is well-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced, and we have no doubt that any of them would do their best to help anyone in need. We wish you all the best in your search for a therapist.

It’s smart to choose a therapist that offers ample support for the kind of therapy you need. That way, you’ll be guaranteed full assistance to surmount any challenge and get more from your therapy without hassle.

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