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10 Best Audiologists in Darwin

Anyone who has issues with their hearing knows how hard it can be to communicate with others, which can be stressful and isolating. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right audiologists in Darwin that will provide the care you need to manage your hearing loss and get your life back on track. Here are the top 10 best audiologists in Darwin based on customer reviews, the volume of patients treated, overall quality of service, and overall value for money they offer.

1. Arafura Audiology

For all your audiology needs, Arafura Audiology is one of Darwin’s most established audiology providers with years of industry knowledge and experience to help you. Visit them today to discover an exceptional service that meets all your hearing needs. They have several services for people with a range of conditions from minor ear infections to moderate loss as well as those who require detailed analysis for communication difficulties related to work.

They have been working tirelessly at their local clinic to provide patients with great communication solutions so they can achieve professional success as well as improved quality of life.  If you’re looking for a friendly and personal experience, Arafura Audiology has a team of passionate professionals that will listen to your concerns and address them with dignity and understanding.

Address: 101 Mitchell St, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

Phone: +61889810013

Website: http://www.arafuraaudiology.com.au/

2. Look After Kids Ears

Looking for a good audiologist? Look After Kids Ears is a certified audiology clinic situated at Mitchell St, which has been providing expert hearing care to Australians for over 30 years.  They are family-owned and are dedicated to providing high-quality audiological services that help people with their hearing problems. They are open 7 days a week including weekends and public holidays.

They have a selection of hearing aids including In the Ear, Behind the Ear and Completely in Canal to help you manage your hearing problem. Their audiologists are qualified to diagnose and rehabilitate hearing problems related to ear diseases, head injury. They also offer tinnitus treatment programs which include noise generators and sound therapy.

Address: 1 Phoenix St, Nightcliff NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889484444

Website: http://lookafterkidsears.com.au/

3. Hearing Australia

Diagnosing and treating patients with ear problems is what they do. If you are an avid listener of music, you are probably aware that hearing loss can affect your overall well-being. The professionals at Hearing Australia are here to help you take back control of your hearing health. They can help with all your needs ranging from testing for hearing loss, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation as well as assistance using personal listening devices.

They have a great team made up of highly qualified health care professionals committed to providing quality service to people experiencing issues associated with their auditory system. These guys have been serving residents of Darwin for many years now so you know they must be doing something right! All these factors put them on top of our list as one of the very best audiologists in town.

Address: C/- Top End Medical Centre Shop T28 Gateway Shopping Centre, 1 Roystonea Ave, Palmerston City NT 0830, Australia

Phone: +61889205900

Website: https://hearing.com.au/Our-services/Find-a-Hearing-Centre/NT/Palmerston

4. NT Hearing

NTHearing was established for you to be able to get all your ear needs under one roof. The team is made up of specialists with experience that spans many years who are eager to help their patients find relief from tinnitus, vertigo and noise-induced hearing loss. They can work with you on developing a tinnitus management plan tailored specifically for your individual needs.

To help keep your hearing as good as it can be, they offer a service called audiological fitting. This is a process that makes sure that you have optimal protection from noise exposure. By keeping out damaging sounds, you’ll be protecting your ears from further damage and preserving what hear you already have.

If you have hearing loss or want to find out more about your ear health, then they’re here to help. To make an appointment or for more information, please get in touch with them.

Address: Level 1C/258 Trower Rd, Casuarina NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889227110

5. Amplifon Darwin

Amplifon is an ear care provider with over 60 years of experience. They have 50 locations around Australia, with their largest office located right in Darwin. If you are looking for great hearing aids or solutions for tinnitus or dizziness, then look no further than Amplifon Darwin. They will be able to help you by providing products that range from contemporary behind-the-ear (BTE) devices to fully invisible-in-the-canal (ITC) hearing devices and customized sound therapy solutions.

Amplifon also offers an outstanding after-sales service that can help you maintain your hearing device for years to come.  Services include a full range of hearing tests, repairs and servicing, batteries and filters, and hygiene services such as cleaning and earmould impressions. Their top-of-the-line products will give you peace of mind while listening to music or watching television with crystal clear sounds without any distortions.

Address: 19/54 Bradshaw Terrace, Casuarina NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889985001

Website: https://www.amplifon.com/au/

6. Audika Palmerston

Audika provides a range of audiology services to help with your hearing health, including hearing aids, hearing testing and personal ear care. If you’re concerned about your hearing loss or want to learn more about how their team can improve your hearing, book an appointment today.

Audika Palmerston is one of the Northern Territory’s leading providers of audiology, hearing aid and hearing screening services. For more than 30 years they have been providing quality service to Northern Territory residents, including fitting earplugs during school time for hearing conservation.

They work with a team of four dedicated audiology professionals, who are committed to making a positive difference to your hearing health. They provide high-quality hearing solutions from leading brands such as Phonak and Starkey Hearing Technologies, to help you get better enjoyment out of everyday sounds. They can assist people from all walks of life, including children, young adults and retirees.

Address: Oasis Shopping Village, Shop 33/15 Temple Terrace, Palmerston City NT 0830, Australia

Phone: +61879040310

Website: https://www.audika.com.au/find-hearing-clinics/nt/palmerston

7. NextSense Fannie Bay (Darwin)

NextSense Fannie Bay is a hearing aid store based in Fannie Bay, Darwin. It offers a range of services for all ages and needs, from aural screenings to hearing aids. This can make a significant difference to your life, even if you’re not losing your hearing—it allows you to better understand speech so that you can fully participate in conversations with friends and family.

Over time, hearing aids can improve your ability to hear sounds—especially high-pitched sounds that become difficult for you to detect.

Hearing aids help you hear better by magnifying sounds and transmitting them directly to your ear. If you’re suffering from hearing loss, get in touch with a team of professionals who can recommend a type of hearing aid that fits your needs—and provide solutions for all manner of different conditions. NextSense Fannie Bay is ready to assist you—give them a call today.

Address: Suite 1/90 Ross Smith Ave, Fannie Bay NT 0820, Australia

Phone: +61298720436

Website: http://www.nextsense.org.au/


Choosing a hearing care provider is an important decision. Be sure to shop around for quality services, excellent customer service and reasonable prices. Take your time to ask questions of all potential providers. When you are completely satisfied with their answers, choose one of these top 10 audiologists in Darwin.

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