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10 Best Audiologists in Melbourne

If you’re looking for an audiologist in Melbourne, you’ll be in luck with this selection of 10 of the best audiologists in Melbourne. Melbourne also happens to have some of the best audiologists in the world working within its walls, offering solutions to your hearing loss problems. Audiologists perform diagnostic testing on all patients that include pure tone air and bone conduction testing to determine if a patient has a temporary condition like an ear infection or more permanent conditions such as gradual hearing loss.

Whether you need hearing aids or just want to get your ears checked, these professionals can help! Each listed here offers excellent customer service and will work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you need. You can also check out their reviews on each of their websites before making your final decision.

1. Earscan

If you’re looking for an ear specialist, look no further than Earscan. The top-rated specialty clinic has earned rave reviews from past clients who consistently praised their high-quality services. For those seeking out an audiologist for a hearing test, Earscan offers everything from digital hearing aids to tinnitus therapy. They also provide allergen testing, since many allergies can be linked to problems with our ears.

Check out Earscan if you’re looking for an affordable audiologist in Melbourne. Their experienced team will test your hearing for free, and give you sound advice about how to protect your ears from further damage. They also sell a range of custom earplugs that are as stylish as they are protective. If you are looking for audiologists in Melbourne, Earscan is the right place to be. They have been working with the army and many universities in Australia. Their audiology services give hope to the people who have suffered from different hearing impairments. They are known for their best audiology services in Melbourne.

Address: 467 Toorak Rd, Melbourne Victoria 3144 Australia

Phone: +61412414323

Website: http://www.earscan.com.au

2. AudioHearing Melbourne

It’s important to have your hearing checked regularly, especially if you spend a lot of time around loud machinery or other sources of noise. Even people who are normally aware of their surroundings can experience hearing loss without realizing it. Audiologists (hearing specialists) like Mark Gordon at AudioHearing in Australia can check your ears and provide solutions when necessary.

They specialize in helping people who have problems due to issues with their ears or hearing organs. This includes performing thorough tests and prescribing solutions, such as hearing aids if necessary. They also provide advice on how to live better with your remaining hearing, for example, learning how to lip read or speak more clearly if you have hearing loss. Audiologists also research many aspects of hearing issues.

When it comes to dealing with your hearing health issues, you want the best – which is why it’s important for you to visit Melbourne’s leading hearing clinic, AudioHearing. Offering a wide range of services and methodologies, these professionals strive to leave their clients satisfied and confident that they received care from the industry’s most experienced audiologists.

Address: 132 Toorak Rd, South Yarra Victoria 3141 Australia

Phone: +611300432793

Website: http://www.audiohearing.com.au

3. The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital (RVEEH) is a large public hospital located on Victoria Street, near Chinatown in East Melbourne. It is Australia’s largest eye and ear care facility.  And guess what? You can find one of their audiologists within it! RVEEH offers a full range of services to all Victorians with hearing loss or vision impairment, from medical treatment to audiology, optometry and ophthalmology.

Audiologists at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital are experts in helping patients cope with hearing impairments and tinnitus. Their services include comprehensive hearing tests using the latest audiology equipment, customised hearing devices, counselling and support with communication strategies, as well as education on lifestyle adjustments that may be necessary to cope with a hearing impairment.

If you’re a resident of Victoria and want to know more about what they do, check out their website for more information or call them at (03) 9602 8000. We also provide an appointment booking service which you can find here if it suits you better.

Address: 32 Gisborne St East Melbourne Victoria 3002 Australia

Phone: +61399298666

Website: http://www.eyeandear.org.au

4. Hearing Savers

Hearing Savers have professionals that are dedicated to helping people improve their hearing. With friendly services and plenty of experience, Hearing Savers will ensure you get to hear all your favourite sounds. If you’re experiencing any issues with your hearing, book an appointment today and live a little better. 

Hearsavers specialize in Audiometry Diagnosis as well as Audiology Audiology is responsible for diagnosing ear disorders such as tinnitus and vertigo. Audiological tests include pure tone audiometry, distortion product otoacoustic emissions, speech reception threshold testing, vestibular tests including caloric testing and vestibular evoked myogenic potentials. Audiology aims to reduce associated handicaps by treating causes of hearing loss such as infections or inflammations of the outer or middle ear.

Find out more about their wide range of audiology services offered in Melbourne. They are very helpful and helpful and will answer your questions on any hearing loss concerns. They offer a lot of advice regarding your hearing aids or any other services or products that you may find helpful.

Address: 134 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern Victoria 3144 Australia

Phone: +61395090164

Website: http://www.hearingsavers.com.au

5. Smith Eye and Ear Solutions Melbourne

Smith Eye and Ear Solutions are one of Melbourne’s top-rated specialists in auditory and visual impairment. With its team of expert surgeons, audiologists and hearing therapists, Smith Eye and Ear Solutions have become a leader in diagnosing and treating auditory problems while offering medical-grade hearing devices that can provide superior sound quality.

The company offers a range of services that can assist you with all your auditory needs, including hearing aids, diagnostic tests, surgery, and screenings. With over 30 years of experience helping clients cope with chronic deafness or partial deafness, Smith Eye and Ear Solutions have helped thousands reclaim their lives by bringing them back to healthy normalcy. They are committed to excellence through research-driven solutions for your hearing problems.

In order to get the best hearing aid or custom ear plugs, one must visit the right place. If you are looking for the best audiologist in Melbourne, then you can always visit Smith Eye and Ear Solutions. For all your hearing problems, this is the best place to be. Feel free to browse through their site and learn more about this place.

Address: 24 Pratt St Moonee Ponds Victoria 3039 Australia

Phone: +61393705684

Website: http://www.smitheyeandearsolutions.com.au

6. bloom Hearing Specialists

If you’re experiencing any hearing difficulties or just want to improve your hearing, a visit to bloom Hearing Specialists should be top of your list. bloom specialises in everything to do with hearing loss and works tirelessly to ensure their patients get back control over their lives. In addition to treating ear disease, they also provide unique treatments for sleep apnoea and tinnitus, two conditions that have been linked to hearing loss.

The team at bloom specialises in treating ear disease and provide unique treatments for sleep apnoea and tinnitus, two conditions that have been linked to hearing loss. Their clinic is fully equipped with all of the latest technology and they regularly run free seminars for their patients, allowing them to make an informed decision about which treatment is right for them. They also work closely with physicians from other fields such as audiology, neurology, or plastic surgery. Their audiologists offer state of the art amputee services and technology. They’ll help you out with any issues you might have – whether it’s wax build-up or something more serious.

Address: 100 Lorimer St, Unit 4 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 Australia

Phone: +611800777659

Website: http://www.bloomhearing.com.au

7. Connect Hearing Melbourne

Connect Hearing is one of Melbourne’s top hearing aid specialists, run by specialist doctors and audiologists They deliver expert care to all customers with all kinds of hearing aids and accessories. When you visit their clinic, your needs will be assessed by and you will get top-quality devices that suit your exact needs.

The Connect Hearing team also want you to enjoy their service, so they’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your hearing. If you’re worried about how a hearing loss will affect your life, and whether a hearing aid is right for you, don’t hesitate to ask. If you are having issues with hearing and are looking for a professional audiologist, who has the qualification and training to help you, you should consider contacting their audiologists in Melbourne. For anyone who wants to go through the process with ease, Connect Hearing is the right choice.

Address: 100 Lorimer St, Unit 4 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 Australia

Phone: +61395000931

Website: https://www.connecthearing.com.au/

8. Ear & Hearing Australia-Malvern

Ear & Hearing Australia-Malvern offers a comprehensive range of services, including audiograms (hearing tests), hearing aid and earmould selection and fitting. They also help patients with tinnitus and vertigo, as well as offer assessments for children who are learning to speak and learning at school.

The centre also provides specialised testing for children. Assessments are available for toddlers who are not speaking, or who are at risk of hearing loss; infants with earmould allergies; and children with learning difficulties like dyslexia. The centre’s team is there to help you get your hearing back on track, or if that isn’t possible, they can guide you through everything else that comes with managing hearing loss. If you’ve ever suspected that there’s something wrong with your hearing and want to get it checked out, the first step is to visit an audiologist for a hearing test at Ear & Hearing Australia-Malvern.

Address: 35 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern Victoria 3144 Australia

Phone: +61395091830

Website: https://www.ear-hearing.com.au

9. Impronte Audiology

Impronte Audiology has all sorts of services to help your hearing needs, including implantation and rehabilitation for people with hearing impairment. They also provide an array of aids for home use. Plus, their staff is friendly and welcoming; it’s not uncommon for them to go out of their way to accommodate you! From earwax removals to swallowing evaluation services, Impronte will work hard to give you a comprehensive list of solutions.

Impronte is a highly rated audiology office that is run by qualified and dedicated staff. Their list of services is designed to give you every solution you could need to help your hearing! From eliminating wax buildup to swallowing evaluations, Impronte has a solution for just about everything.

Cantor-Gottlieb Audiology: For top quality service with an experienced staff that understands how important good hearing is for quality of life, choose Cantor-Gottlieb Audiology. If you are suffering from hearing loss, then contact Impronte Audiologists today to get your hearing issues resolved. The audiologist first diagnoses the patient and get to know the underlying cause of the problem.

Address: Suite 2, 379 Whitehorse Road Balwyn Victoria 3103 Australia

Phone: +61390785949

Website: http://www.impronteaudiology.com.au

10. The Earwax Clinic

This medical centre, located right here in beautiful Melbourne, was started back in 2009 by two experienced doctors. The Earwax Clinic prides itself on serving patients with whatever issue they’re dealing with, whether it be earwax or another issue entirely. The clinicians at The Earwax Clinic take great pride in their work and are known for offering top-notch services to all of their patients.

If you need help, look no further than The Earwax Clinic! with locations across five states across Australia, Audiology Now is a service that can provide your business with first-class hearing solutions. Their staff have years of experience working within the industry, so you can trust them to provide expert knowledge when it comes to solving your hearing loss problems.

Address: U1/370 Blackburn Rd, Glen Waverley Victoria 3150 Australia

Phone: +61395812661

Website: http://www.earwax.com.au


Audiologists have an importance role to play at when it comes to treatment and dealing with hearing impairment. This is because they are the only ones who are able to provide the necessary service regarding hearing disability, its cause, and the correct treatment of such a condition. When it comes to solutions for preventing hearing impairments, these 10 best audiologists in Melbourne is the best place to get started.

There is no need to deal with any audiological issues alone as help is always at hand from these top 10 specialists. Whether you require hearing aids or simply want to keep your ears as healthy as possible, visiting one of these top 10 audiologists in Melbourne will be a worthwhile investment.

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