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10 Best Veterinarians in Sydney

The best medical care for your pets makes sure they stay happy, healthy, and live much longer. Here’s a list of the ten (10) best veterinarians in Sydney that offer proper care your pets need.

Having a healthy pet is an owner’s greatest desire, but sometimes, your furry friends could get ill or injured. Guaranteeing your pet’s swift recovery won’t be easy without support from the best veterinarians in Sydney.

Having a list of the 10 best veterinarians in Sydney affords you more comfort while searching for proper pet care. Consulting these clinics guarantees you one thing – professional animal care services to keep your pets healthy and happy.

1. Balmain Village Veterinary Clinic

The Balmain Village Veterinary Clinic invests in the latest medical technologies to boost conventional vet science. Owners who prefer holistic therapy to care for their pets will also find massive options at this clinic.

Dr. Manuela Treby is a registered homeopathic veterinarian and leads operations at this clinic. She and her dedicated staff work round-the-clock to ensure your pets get correct diagnoses, prognoses, and follow-up treatment. Pet owners keen on personalized care for their furry friends will get better support at this clinic.

Being the leading Veterinary Clinic in Sydney, Balmain Village Veterinary Clinic is keen on providing proper diagnosis and treatment for all ailments. Their facilities are fully equipped with advanced testing tools and equipment like digital radiography, endoscopy and ultrasound machines.

They have a very experienced team of vets who are dedicated to providing thorough and compassionate service. This vet has a range of services available, including surgery, dentistry, vaccinations and flea and worm control. They also offer diagnostic testing and X-rays as well as full boarding facilities.

Their team is well-equipped to provide care for cats, dogs, rabbits and other small animals. Call them to book an appointment for your pet check-up.

Address: 3 Beattie St, Balmain NSW 2041, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9555 9362

Website: https://www.balmainvillagevet.com.au/

2. Sydney Animal Hospitals Inner West

Staff at the Inner West Sydney veterinary hospital provides pet and emergency animal care services. Owners living in Camperdown, Stanmore, Summer Hill, Petersham, and surrounding Sydney suburbs can access this clinic’s services.

Animal emergencies are easy to manage at this clinic, as they are always open, except on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Booking appointments is also quite comfortable, as pet owners can make reservations online in minutes.

Various positive reviews from previous customers is a pointer to professional medical services offered to pets at this clinic.

And it doesn’t end there.The Inner West vet hospital goes several steps further to provide a poisons guide and symptom checker for pet owners. It’s easy to conduct safe diagnosis on your pet with these tools before heading to the clinic.

Address: 1A Northumberland Ave, Stanmore NSW 2048, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9516 1466

Website: https://sydneyanimalhospitals.com.au/contact/inner-west/

3. My Vet Animal Hospital

One major plus pet owners can benefit from this vet hospital is its smooth booking process. Booking appointments at this hospital can be rounded off in minutes from the comfort of your home.

Vets at this clinic are dedicated to provide urgent help to pets in need of emergency care. You can call the hospital direct line for six days every week and secure expert medical care for your furry friend too.

Professional vet services available at this hospital include dental care, diagnostic imaging, micro-chipping, specialist care, surgery, vaccinations, and much more.

They have a dedicated team of vets and nurses that are highly skilled and experienced in the medical care of pets. They run a 24-hour, seven days a week service for emergencies and consultations. Their team works with you to ensure you are given the best advice possible so you can make an informed decision about how to care for your pet. Call them to book an appointment with them or visit their website for more details.

Address: 6/965 Bourke St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

Phone: +61 2 8484 2020

Website: https://myvetanimalhospital.com.au/contact/

4. Sydney Veterinary Emergency & Specialists

Handling pet emergencies might be challenging if you can’t access urgent medical care. That’s why Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists provides 24-hour care services for pets.

Pet owners can put a call across at any time of day and expect professional animal care services. Animals that also require longer periods of hospitalization will also get ample support from this hospital.

The hospital has an on-site laboratory to fast-track pet diagnosis and provides radiography, surgery, and specialist services. Through its mobile veterinary service, Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists also brings specialty care to animals at home. Pets that are not well or need intensive care can be transferred to the hospital for more comprehensive treatment. This provides pet owners with an easy solution for their animal’s medical needs.

Address: 675 Botany Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9197 5800

Website:  https://www.sydneyvetspecialists.com.au/

5. Southern Cross Vet Surry Hills

Since its establishment in 2013, Southern Cross Vet has been a premier animal care hospital for pet owners in Sydney. The impressive reputation of this hospital has seen it grow to support three branches in the surrounding Sydney area. Vets at this hospital provide high-quality animal care services to dogs, cats, rabbits, and rodents. Surgeons are also on hand at this hospital to provide emergency surgery services to boost your pet(s) health.

With a combination of medical technology and professional staff support, your pets will be at their best in record time. Quality animal care has been Southern Cross Vet’s main priority since day one, and its highly qualified team of doctors have only bolstered that reputation. If you need affordable animal care, head to Southern Cross Vet Surry Hills today.

Address: 419 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9699 3951

Website: www.southerncrossvet.com.au

6. Potts Point Veterinary Hospital

Potts Point Veterinary Hospital is an excellent choice for pet owners keen on vast experience and professional services. With more than four decades of veterinary experience at this clinic, sick pets are sure to get top-notch care anytime.

The clinic offers improved services for pain management, cardiology, dental care, radiology, ultrasonography, behavioral training, allergy testing, and much more.

Most staff at this hospital live close by, so you can be sure of immediate support to manage pet emergencies on a moment’s notice.

They are committed to providing the most up-to-date and cutting-edge treatments in order to ensure the very best care for Your Pets. Their team of experts not only work to keep your pet healthy, but they also provide all the necessary information and advice to give you peace of mind. Call or email them today to schedule an appointment or ask any questions that you may have.

Address: 1/41B Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011, Australia

Phone: +61 2 8097 0060

Website: https://www.pottspointvet.com.au/

7. Sydney Animal Hospitals Newtown

Pet owners living in Newtown, Beaconsfield, St. Peters, Enmore, and connecting areas of Sydney have access to this hospital. The hospital supports emergency services and after-hours care for pets too, except on Christmas Day.

Guaranteeing unrivaled medical support for your pets could be easy at this hospital, as only experienced staff handle animal care. With extended hours, easy access, and quick booking options, the hospital is an excellent fit for your pet’s health needs. Their services include; Preventative care, dental checkups, pain management, acupuncture and more. And when it comes to cancer treatment and end-of-life care for pets too, you could access everything at your convenience without worrying about cost.

Their vets provide a complete range of general practice services including health checks, vaccinations and desexing. They also offer more advanced treatments such as orthopaedic surgery, endoscopy, ultrasound and digital x-ray. They’re open seven days.

They offer live chat service which is great for emergencies when you don’t want to go straight to their emergency vet clinic. This is their main location for all their services including surgery, dentistry and vaccinations. They also offer pet boarding for cats and dogs. They also specialize in birds and other small animals.

Call today to book an appointment.

Address: 69-73 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville NSW 2043, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9519 4111

Website: https://sydneyanimalhospitals.com.au/contact/newtown/

8. Southern Cross Vet Inner West

Spanning over 350 sq. meters, the Inner West Southern Cross Vet clinic offers state-of-the-art medical healthcare. Pet owners within five kilometers of this clinic can take advantage of free house calls to guarantee excellent animal care. Offering a wide range of services such as vaccination, general checkups and surgical procedures for small animals and birds, it is no wonder why over 100 clients visit this veterinarian every week.

The team at Southern Cross Vet Inner West is comprised of expert animal care specialists including nurses, doctors and vet assistants. Many of these medical professionals have been in practice for more than 15 years with vast experience treating a wide range of pets including dogs, cats, birds and reptiles.

They are dedicated to providing the highest quality veterinary care and exceptional customer service. Their team is committed to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care for your pet. Call or visit the Southern Cross Vet Inner West website for more information.

Address: 60 Princes Hwy, St Peters NSW 2044

Phone. (02) 9516 0234

Website: https://southerncrossvet.com.au/inner-west-vet-hospital/

9. Vets On Crown

Specialists at Vets on Crown offer comprehensive healthcare services to manage pet health and recovery. Services at this hospital involve grooming, boarding, rehabilitation, dental care, surgery, emergency care, laboratory services, and much more.

Professionals at this clinic also serve house calls to support pick-up and drop-off medical care. The hospital’s professional team of veterinarians offer cutting-edge veterinary care to manage pets’ physical, behavioral, and nutritional health. They also specialize in resolving pet anxiety and stress with long-term psychological support. Vets On Crown team will take great care in creating a safe and secure environment for your pet by closely coordinating with you during their stay at the clinic.

They have a team of highly trained and caring professionals who will take care of your pet like it’s their own. They also offer a 24-hour emergency service. Their team is committed to providing the best possible care for your pets. Their staff are very friendly, professional and will treat your pet as one of their own. Call them today.

Address: 537 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9133 1300

Website: http://vetsoncrown.com.au/

10. Sydney University Vet & Emergency Clinic (Camperdown)

ery few clinics offer 24-hour, 7 days a week animal care services. But Sydney University Vet and Emergency Clinic offers round-the-clock vet services and so much more.

Expert vets at this clinic specialize in offering general and emergency critical care to different kinds of pets. In addition, the vets provide advanced care services with an in-house laboratory. Pet owners can secure advance imaging, physiotherapy, neurological services, and much more for their pets with ease at this clinic.

If you want to visit an animal hospital that has a great reputation and can provide you with high-quality care for your pet, then you should consider Sydney University Vet & Emergency Clinic (Camperdown). They have been around for years, and they are always expanding their services to meet the needs of their clients.

Their team is made up of qualified veterinarians who specialize in all areas of animal health, including nutrition, behavior, care, and training. If you are looking for a veterinarian who can provide you with quality care for your pets, then this is definitely one to consider.

Customers and other pet clinics can easily make referrals and book appointments for vet services unavailable in other hospitals. You can find out more about them by visiting their website.

Address: 65 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9351 3437

Website: https://www.uvths.com.au/


Picking the right veterinary clinic for your pets guarantees them professional care and a quicker recovery. With the list of best veterinarians in Sydney, selecting an excellent hospital to care for your pets has never been so easy. Don’t forget to consider emergency care options, services available, specialties, and opening/closing hours before making your final choice. Surely, options in this list will make your selection process stress-free. And guaranteeing your pets get the best care possible will be easier than ever.

A good veterinarian in Sydney takes time to get to know you, and your cat. They should listen to your concerns, and answer your questions with genuine honesty. You should feel at ease in their care, not just for the big stuff, but also the little things that inevitably happen along the way. And most importantly, any veterinarian you choose should be someone who truly cares about your pet, and wants them to be healthy and happy.

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