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10 Best Counsellors in Canberra

If you’re looking to get some guidance in your life, a Canberra counsellor can help. That’s why we have put together this list of 10 Counsellors who are based in Canberra. There are several instances when you need counsellors in Canberra. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety or other mental health issues, it can be very difficult to live a fulfilling life.

These counsellors offer counselling services in areas like depression, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, emotional problems, and substance abuse. When searching Counsellors in Canberra, there are thousands of results that you have to sift through. Who can you trust? Who can help? The following 10 best counsellors in Canberra can be trusted and will provide the assistance you need when you need it most. They have the experience and reputation to help you tackle your feelings head-on.

1. Strategic Psychology

Strategic Psychology is a dedicated team of psychological therapists who have been providing professional clinical counselling services for years. Their counsellors are highly trained and experienced professionals, known to provide a safe and reliable environment for you to discuss any issues or concerns that may be affecting your wellbeing.

They are a team of psychologists, who provide clinical and organisational services including individual counselling, group training, workshops, retreats and psychology consulting. Their work is informed by extensive experience in the corporate and public sectors, military and emergency services as well as community health and non-government organisations.

They offer a range of different treatments including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person-Centred Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). If you are looking for highly confidential counselling services, call today to make an appointment. You should not suffer from emotional or mental pain any longer than is necessary. They are focused on helping people to identify, understand and overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. Call them today to find out more about their specialised team members.

Address: Level 1/121 London Cct, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61262626157

Website: https://strategicpsychology.com.au/

2. David Nielsen Counselling Services in Canberra

David Nielsen Counselling Services is a counsellor dedicated to providing quality, effective counselling for people living in Canberra. They operate under an inclusive model of counselling, offering support to members of all genders and sexualities.

They also offer to counsel people from different racial and cultural backgrounds, using a welcoming and inclusive approach. With experienced counsellors who have been helping clients for over a decade, David Nielsen is a trusted source of counselling services for many people living in Canberra. They are happy to talk with you about what your needs are and develop a plan that works best for your situation.

Some services offered include – Short-term counselling – Marriage and relationship counselling – Family counselling – Child and youth counselling. If you need help then David Nielsen is a reputable choice when looking for a counsellor in Canberra. Book an appointment with them today.

Address: 49 Phillip Ave, Watson ACT 2602, Australia

Phone: +61262591253

Website: http://www.davethecounsellor.com.au/

3. Capital Counselling & Coaching Services

Capital Counselling & Coaching Services is a team of psychotherapists and coaching psychologists with expert advice and therapy tailored to fit your needs. They provide therapeutic services for Canberra residents. It’s affordable, confidential, professional counselling that will help you feel stronger, happier and more positive about yourself.

They provide a range of different services to provide you with the support you need. They offer individual, couples and group counseling services which are all provided by trained professionals who are committed to providing a safe and confidential environment. Their goal is to provide each client with the best possible care for what they need. They ensure that their staff is highly trained and qualified to provide you with the help you need.

They apply evidence-based interventions to their work, which has included providing services to many clients. This is one of the reasons why they are considered one of Canberra’s best counselling & coaching services. Their professional counselling and coaching services include Marriage Counselling, Individual Therapy, Couples Counselling, Family Counselling, Parenting Advice & Support groups for Parents with Teenagers.

Book an appointment with one of their professional counsellors or psychotherapists today.

Address: 2/2 Montford Cres, Lyneham ACT 2602, Australia

Phone: +61262573869

Website: http://www.capitalcounselling.com.au/

4. Dipac Counselling Therapist

Dipac Counselling Therapist provides professional counselling services to individuals, couples and families. They offer an array of services for adults, children and adolescents including individual counselling, workshops, marriage counselling and family therapy. Dipac’s team of therapists have a minimum of five years of experience working with a range of clientele from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Their psychology practice provides professional, confidential counselling services for individuals, couples and families. They also offer specialised psychological and counselling services for children, adolescents and schools.

The counselling services offered by Dipac are not limited to therapeutic counselling. Their services also include one-on-one counselling, marriage counselling, family therapy and workshops to help people manage different aspects of their lives. They can provide solutions that are tailored to meet individual needs, ranging from couple counselling to one-on-one therapy sessions. Their psychologists are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and support to help you overcome life’s challenges. Contact them to book an appointment and begin your journey towards living a happy, healthy life.

Address: Level 1 The Realm, 18 National Circuit, ACT 2600, Australia

Phone: +61261983423

Website: http://www.dipac.com.au/

5. Insight Counselling

Insight Counselling uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help you develop skills to manage your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours. Insight Counselling helps you become more mindful of your experiences, leading to better decision-making, less avoidance behaviour and more productive coping strategies. Insight Counselling Canberra is a professional counselling service specialising in trauma, anxiety and depression.

They offer a wide range of counselling services to clients in Canberra and the surrounding areas. Insight Counselling is dedicated to providing their clients with counselling that is of the highest quality, and they have been accredited by the Australian Counselling Association.

If you live in Canberra and are looking for a highly-qualified counsellor to help with a range of issues from depression and anxiety to marriage problems or grief counselling -Insight Counselling is here to support you. To book an appointment, contact Insight Counselling today or visit their website for more information about their services.

Address: 81 Namatjira Dr, Waramanga ACT 2611, Australia

Phone: +61416206436

Website: https://insightcounsellingcanberra.com.au/

6. Karuna Centre

Karuna Centre is a professional counselling service that offers services to businesses and individuals. It has been operating since 2001 and is one of Australia’s best counsellors. In addition to individual counselling, they also have a range of courses you can choose from. These include relationship counselling, stress management and self-awareness.

Karuna Centre specialises in counselling and group therapy for those who are experiencing anxiety, depression, anger management, grief, relationship issues and work place stress.

This is a private centre that offers professional counselling for people of all ages. They have many years of experience and have handled several clients during their time operating. All staff members are professional counsellors.  They can handle any issue, including depression, relationship issues and anxiety. Karuna Centre’s primary concern is to provide help and support to those who need it most, regardless of gender or age. Get in touch with them today if you want quality counselling at an affordable price.

Address: 10/10 Kennedy St, Kingston ACT 2604, Australia

Phone: +61262571605

Website: http://www.karunacentre.com.au/

7. ANU Counselling Centre

ANU Counselling Centre is a free and confidential service that supports student wellbeing and academic performance through emotional and social support. The centre has four counsellors to assist with problems such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, career decisions, adjustment issues or just about any issue that is affecting your happiness.

Counselling can help you improve your academic performance by helping alleviate psychological problems or emotional difficulties which can be barriers to effective learning and engagement with academics. Even if your grades don’t suffer, many students find they feel more positive about their studies when they attend counselling.

They offer a variety of therapy approaches to meet the needs of individuals and couples. Their therapists are trained in many different therapeutic approaches and techniques so they can tailor your therapy to suit you. If you are a student in Canberra and would need counselling services, visit ANU Counselling Centre today. To make an appointment, contact them today.

Address: Joplin Ln, Acton ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61261780455

Website: https://www.anu.edu.au/students/health-safety-wellbeing/counselling/anu-counselling

8. Arena Counselling Pty Ltd

Arena Counselling Pty Ltd works with individuals and couples to help overcome problems through methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, Person-Centred, Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). Located in Canberra, they have a flexible approach so can offer appointments at short notice.

They provide professional counselling services, and they’ve been running for more than a decade. They have a dedicated team of therapists who are passionate about helping individuals to achieve their goals in the areas of mental health, relationships and personal growth.

Their counsellors Stefanie is highly experienced and have completed a variety of courses to provide you with outstanding service. If you’re looking for a therapist in Canberra, make Arena Counselling Pty Ltd your first choice. Do not suffer again from problems such as depression, anxiety or relationship breakdown; get in touch today. Use their online booking system for appointments at times that suit you best.

Address: Mawson Southlands Shopping Centre, 2/93 Mawson Pl, Mawson ACT 2607, Australia

Phone: +61456655658

Website: http://www.arenacounselling.com.au/

9. Relationships Australia Canberra & Region

Relationships Australia Canberra & Region is a fantastic counselling service that deals with a variety of relationship issues. It has a great reputation for dealing with relationship problems, especially when it comes to domestic violence and marital conflict. It can provide plenty of assistance if you’re going through a bad patch with your partner or spouse. You may also find them helpful if you have other mental health concerns that are impacting your relationships.

They are online and offline based counselling service for people who are going through life challenges. They provide one-on-one counselling to people of all ages, couples and families. They also offer a wide range of services in workplace, school and community settings. They apply a high level of professionalism to all of their services, making them one of your best choices if you’re looking for a professional counselling service.

To get their help, just give them a call or visit their website for more information about their services.

Address: 15 Napier Cl, Deakin ACT 2600, Australia

Phone: +61261227100

Website: http://www.racr.org.au/

10. JMA Psychology Canberra

JMA Psychology Canberra is an expert when it comes to counselling services. They understand that each person is different and will tailor their sessions to suit individual needs. Whether you have a personal or professional need for counselling, these qualified professionals will deliver professional, quality service by listening closely to your needs so they can better assist you on your journey.

Some of their services include personal counselling for people experiencing life issues, executive stress management, career/workplace counselling and training, psycho-education courses to help people better manage their mental health or life transitions, family therapy/therapy for couples dealing with relationships breakdowns or stress. When you’re ready to move on from a challenging phase or just need someone to talk to JMA Psychology Canberra will be there for you. They can provide you with individual therapy, counselling, education and support to help you overcome life’s challenges. JMA Psychology strives to provide a professional, caring and confidential service to young people and adults in the ACT.

Address: 7 Wetlands House, 8/1 Dairy Rd, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia

Phone: +61423186887

Website: http://www.canberrapsychology.com.au/


If you’re looking for a great counsellor, there are plenty of excellent options available to you. If you need help finding a professional counsellor, we hope our list of 10 best counsellors in Canberra can serve as a useful tool; just remember that what works for one person might not work for another, so don’t hesitate to interview a few professionals before choosing one. These are only some of the best counsellors in Canberra, and if you’re in need of counselling services, please contact them to find out more information. Alternatively, you could check out their websites and read client testimonials to get a better idea of what they can do.

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