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10 Best Podiatrists in Brisbane

If you’re currently looking for a podiatrist in Brisbane, then you’re in luck, because this article lists 10 of the best podiatrists in Brisbane based on their various qualities and accolades. Because everyone deserves proper foot care, especially when it comes to those who are prone to injuries. We hope that you find these recommendations helpful and informative; if your feet have been hurting lately or if you’ve just moved to Brisbane, there’s no reason not to go see a podiatrist right away.

It isn’t easy to find the best Podiatrist in Brisbane. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. In this post, we’ve revealed 10 of the very best podiatrists in Brisbane, so that you can make a decision on who you think is the best fit for your needs. Get in touch with one today.

1. My FootDr

If you’re looking for Podiatrists in Brisbane, or a podiatrist to help with foot pain, lower limb injuries, biomechanics and gait analysis, or sports medicine, My FootDr can provide expert advice and treatment. My FootDr offers a full range of podiatry services, including foot surgery, custom orthotics and running shoes. They also offer nail treatments, pedicures and gels so you can always look your best. It is the top rated health care provider for podiatrist patients around Australia, with 5-star reviews from their clients.

Their team includes experienced registered podiatrists and other healthcare professionals who are committed to helping their patients reach their goals. They have been voted number one for clinics serving Brisbane CBD area by Google reviews, making them a popular choice for those living or working in that area. They provide comprehensive podiatric services and treatments for all foot, ankle and lower limb conditions. They are committed to excellence and delivering the highest quality of service to all patients. Check out their website above to find out more about their services and which location is closest to you.

Address: Ground Level, 324 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +61736345800

Website: https://www.myfootdr.com.au/our-clinics/brisbane-cbd-podiatry-centre/

2. McLean & Partners Podiatrists

If you’re looking for someone to take care of your feet, look no further than McLean & Partners Podiatrists. McLean Podiatry Brisbane, understand that taking care of your feet should be taken seriously. That’s why their practice is staffed with expert podiatrists who are experienced in all aspects of foot and ankle care. They pride ourselves on giving each patient an individualized treatment plan to suit their specific needs and wants.

With clinics throughout Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT, their podiatrists in Brisbane can help with all your foot health needs from nail care through to the treatment of diabetes related conditions like Charcot Foot.

If you’re looking for podiatry services and want to treat your feet with care, choose McLean & Partners Podiatrists. This practice has expert podiatrists who are experienced in all aspects of foot and ankle care. Choose from a wide range of highly specialized podiatric treatments for common foot ailments including corns, calluses, athlete’s foot and ingrown toenails.

Address: 180 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +61732219696

Website: http://www.mcleanpodiatrybrisbane.com.au/

3. Entire Podiatry – Brisbane CBD

Entire podiatry is a full service foot and ankle practice providing expert diagnosis, treatment and management of all conditions of the foot and ankle. They have clinics at four locations throughout south east Queensland with flexible hours to ensure clients receive care when they need it. Their  qualified and professional podiatrists can help with any foot or lower limb complaint — from common conditions like heel pain injury, running gait analysis, toenail problems and custom orthotics, to more complex conditions such as sports injuries, paediatrics, diabetes and neurological problems.

They also provide professional assessment and treatment for injuries to lower limbs, knees, ankles and feet. If you suffer from chronic pain they can provide you with non-invasive injections that are a great alternative to surgery.  Other treatments include fracture management, diabetic foot care, surgical procedures and wound management. Their highly trained team of podiatrists has extensive experience treating complex problems as well as routine foot issues including nail fungus, ingrown nails and corns on your toes or heels.

Address: Level 13, Suite 5/97 Creek St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +61732299959

Website: https://www.entirepodiatry.com.au/

4. The Feet People Podiatrist Brisbane

The Feet People is a podiatry clinic based in, South-East Queensland. Specialising in all foot and ankle conditions, including heel pain, foot pain and sports injuries. They offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment to help you regain mobility and reduce any related symptoms as quickly as possible.

Their podiatrists have a wealth of experience working across all aspects of foot care, and are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible results through the latest techniques and technology.

Their team of registered podiatrists are highly qualified and continually upskilling themselves through ongoing education programs; so they can better assist their patients and provide a world class service. This includes working with orthopaedic surgeons, medical specialists and allied health professionals from around Australia. Whether you need help with your sports-related injuries or are suffering from painful feet, legs or ankles, their friendly podiatrists can help you get over the pain and back to doing what you love. Book an appointment today to find out more about how The Feet People can help you overcome your foot and ankle pain.

Address: Ground Floor/344 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +611300993338

Website: http://www.thefeetpeople.com.au/

5. The Podiatry Practice

If you’re looking for podiatrists in Brisbane, The Podiatry Practice is a great place to start. With services that focus on sports injuries, biomechanics and holistic care, you can take care of your feet and put yourself on a path to good health. They’ve got some fantastic reviews on Google.  They have a team that includes a bunch of experienced and qualified professionals who will walk you through every step of your treatment until you’re back out enjoying life again.

They are among Australia’s largest podiatry group, with their group of expert Brisbane podiatrists provide a full range of services for the whole family. They understand that healthy feet are vital to living life to the fullest, which is why they use their unique preventative approach to help you stay on your feet and live an active life.

If you’re looking for a podiatrist in Brisbane, check out The Podiatry Practice and get back on your feet. They offer a broad range of treatments to restore healthy function to your extremities through their highly skilled and trained team of professionals; For more information on what they do, call today or visit their website.

Address: 11/40 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia

Phone: +61733913900

Website: https://www.podiatrypractice.com.au/

6. Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics

Walk Without Pain is a podiatry clinic servicing all of south-east Queensland. If you live anywhere near Beenleigh, Capalaba, Eagleby, Inala, Loganholme or Slacks Creek and are experiencing foot pain then call them today to see how they can help you.  Their friendly staff will answer any questions that you might have so if your toe hurts, get in touch with them.

Their services include digital foot orthotics, diabetic wound care, ingrown toenail removal, plantar fasciitis relief and treatment, ankle braces, sports injuries treatment and repair as well as biomechanical assessments.  All their staff is highly trained, professional and friendly.

If you are experiencing foot pain, ankle pain or lower limb pain, make an appointment with one of the team at Walk Without Pain Podiatry. They provide a number of services including orthotics, biomechanical assessment and treatment, nail surgery, sports injury management and diabetic foot care. Their podiatrists in Brisbane diagnose and treat a wide range of foot, heel and ankle pain. They know that heel pain, foot pain and ankle pain can be debilitating, which is why they offer quality services at their clinics. Call them today if you are suffering from any type of foot pain or problems with your toes.

Address: Suite 36/322 Moggill Rd, Indooroopilly QLD 4068, Australia

Phone: +61738785590

Website: http://walkwithoutpain.com.au/

7. Northside Podiatry

Modern medicine is constantly growing and developing new technologies. The field of podiatry is no different. If you are suffering from foot pain or want to keep your feet healthy, then make sure to consult a professional today. Northside Podiatry is a podiatrist based at Oxley, QLD, that offers great services to help keep your feet healthy.

Their podiatrists in Brisbane are dedicated to providing exceptional care to all their patients. Whether you are suffering from an acute injury or chronic foot, heel or ankle pain that requires ongoing treatment, they have the expertise to help you get back on your feet.

They are a podiatrist that have professional experience and knowledge. If you are looking for professional services from a podiatrist, then it is best to find one that specializes in your medical need. This way, you can be sure to receive quality service and care for your feet by professionals who know exactly what they are doing. So, if you have been experiencing pain in your feet and ankles, don’t wait any longer. Make an appointment with them today.

Address: Shop 1/197 Days Rd, Grange QLD 4051, Australia

Phone: +61735540097

Website: http://www.northsidepodiatry.com.au/

8. Ideal Podiatry

Ideal Podiatry is a leading podiatry practice. The team at Ideal Podiatry are committed to providing patients with safe, quality foot care services. They offer a professional approach to patient treatment and diagnosis. They have ample experience in dealing with all types of foot problems, including ingrown nails, verrucas and skin disorders. Services they offer include: General foot care; Footwear advice; Sports injuries; Children’s feet; Diabetic foot care; Ingrown toenails; Corns; Cracked heels; Warts; Callous removal; Orthotic therapy; Biomechanical assessments.

Undergoing one of their treatments will allow you to return to full activity within days rather than weeks or months because they use innovative techniques which reduce pain and healing time. Their fees are affordable without sacrificing high standards of service or skill level of treatment; they even provide bulk billing for pensioners, as well as family discounts.  Appointments can be booked online.

It’s a good idea to contact Ideal Podiatry sooner rather than later, call them today to book an appointment!

Address: Aspley Village Market Place, Level 1 suite 5/605 Robinson Rd W, Aspley QLD 4034, Australia

Phone: +61738629223

Website: http://www.idealpodiatry.com.au/

9. Paddington Physiotherapy & Podiatry Brisbane

Your feet carry your entire body weight around every day, so it makes sense that they’re going to need a little bit of TLC from time to time. And when it comes to foot care and treatment, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more skilled than a podiatrist. Paddington Physiotherapy & Podiatry is Brisbane’s best-kept secret for getting your feet back on track.

Their services include providing treatment for a range of foot disorders, lower limb injuries, and diabetes-related conditions. They also offer foot care advice for children and the elderly, as well as diabetic footwear.

No matter what your foot problem, you can be sure that a podiatrist can help you. If you’re struggling with injuries, pain or swelling, podiatry treatments and procedures can help get your feet back on track. Paddington Physiotherapy & Podiatry has been operating for years and successfully treating thousands of patients with all sorts of foot-related problems.

Address: 1/179 Given Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064, Australia

Phone: +61735116352

Website: http://www.paddophysio.com.au/

10. Qld Orthotics & Podiatry

Qld Orthotics & Podiatry specialize in orthotic, podiatric and sports medicine care for all people from children to seniors. They   use high-quality solutions that are reliable, long lasting and provide excellent value for money.

Their team of professionals have been carefully selected on criteria such as their commitment to ongoing training and improvement, quality health care standards and passion for what they do. This is crucial in providing you with optimum treatment outcomes when you need it most. They understand that no two patients are the same, so they tailor their treatment plans to your individual requirements. Call them today to book an appointment that’s convenient for you.

Address: 441 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove QLD 4006, Australia

Phone: +61733661414

Website: http://qldorthotics.com.au/


All of these Podiatrists in Brisbane have great reviews, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. You should call and make an appointment to see if you do qualify for a free consultation. Whether you’re recovering from surgery or just want to prevent injury, seeing a podiatrist is a good idea. If you need help identifying one that’s right for you, look through our list of 10 best podiatrists in Brisbane to get started.  They will work with you and your specific needs.

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