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10 Best Podiatrists in Darwin

We’ve all suffered a foot injury at some point in our lives. Whether it’s from a trip, fall, or job situation, if you have ever had your feet hurt from an injury, you will appreciate finding the best podiatrist in Darwin. The question of where to find the best podiatrists in Darwin comes up all the time, and there are always so many different options to choose from. If you’re looking for someone to do your foot surgery or to just help you with your everyday aches and pains, these are the 10 best podiatrists in Darwin who will give you the most value for your money and also get it done right first time around.

Keeping your feet in good health means being more mindful of any issues you have with them. If you’re suffering from a painful nail or wart, make an appointment with one of our 10 recommended podiatrists. They ’re highly recommended by their peers, other podiatrists like them, their patients… basically anyone who’s had a positive experience using them is more than happy to give a recommendation.

1. Swan Podiatry and Orthotics

Swan Podiatry and Orthotics

Dr Cable Mills is a podiatrist and sports medicine specialist based out of Adelaide. Dr Cable Mills has extensive experience working with local athletes and he’s dedicated to serving clients who suffer from foot-related injuries. He’s also one of Australia’s most prominent podiatrists when it comes to fashion, having published articles on how shoe design can influence feet.

His clinic has been providing holistic podiatric care to clients across Australia. The team is always on hand to help people with foot problems. They’re also able to assist with orthotics – customised insoles that can provide support and relieve pain.  Quality is a high priority for Dr Cable Mills, who oversees every step of his operation.

They treat all ages and stages of life, from children to adults and the elderly. A large portion of their client base consists of athletes who are training for events such as marathons and triathlons. If you have questions about treatment options or other topics related to foot health, now is your chance to speak directly with an expert who will be more than happy to field any inquiries you may have.

Address: 5A/6 Caryota Ct, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61428976360

Website: https://www.swanpodiatry.com.au/

2. Darwin Podiatry

Darwin Podiatry

Darwin Podiatry offers professional and personalised service, with a commitment to getting you back on your feet. They have been servicing Darwin ’s Northern Suburbs for over twenty years as a sole practitioner, and are committed to providing quality podiatric care at an affordable price.

 If you want great advice and quality foot care services at an affordable price, contact Darwin Podiatry today. Their team is happy to see you, no matter what your problem or concern might be. Whether you have broken a bone, sprained your ankle, have heel pain from plantar fasciitis or require regular nail trimming they’re ready to help with professional service and top of the line treatment that will get you back on your feet quickly so that can resume all of life’s normal activities.

Darwin Podiatry have podiatrists in Darwin, who can help with all foot-related problems. They provide a range of treatments and services, including nail care, treatment of ingrown toenails, sports injury management, biomechanical assessments and custom orthotics. The team at Darwin Podiatry have years of experience in their field and can help find the best solution for all your foot care needs. Call today to book an appointment and get started on treatment for better feet.

Address: 3a/24 Litchfield St, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

Phone: +61889419955

Website: https://darwinpodiatry.com.au/

3. My FootDr Podiatry Casuarina

My FootDr Podiatry Casuarina

My FootDr offers a range of foot care services that are quick and convenient. The staff includes fully qualified and experienced podiatrists who will assess your needs and design a custom-tailored foot care program for you. They apply high standards and take pride in their services, ensuring that you are completely satisfied. They also use modern technology to assist them in diagnosing your problems and providing the best possible solutions for your feet.

My FootDr Podiatry Casuarina strives to provide a caring and professional service, at the highest quality of care. They aim to ensure our patients receive efficient treatment and advice, in a comfortable environment. They pride on their ability to work with you as a team to achieve optimal results.

Due to its convenient location near Casuarina Square Shopping Centre, My FootDr is a great choice for local people who want to ensure they get regular foot care with minimal effort. Get in touch with them for more information about their services.

Address: Casuarina Shopping Centre, Shop 53, 247 Trower Rd, Casuarina NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889455966

Website: https://www.myfootdr.com.au/our-clinics/casuarina-darwin-podiatry-centre/

4. Acacia Podiatry – Parap

Acacia Podiatry - Parap

The practice, Acacia Podiatry – Parap is one of a number of specialty podiatry practices in Northern Territory. Acacia Podiatry – Parap is made of a friendly team of professionals, their team provides first-class orthopaedic foot care for both children and adults. Acacia is a leader in advanced and cutting-edge technologies, their practice provides treatments such as, minor surgical procedures, injections of corticosteroids, debridement and cleaning of infected nail beds and infection management.

Acacia Podiatry – Parap. Podiatrists in Darwin. They offer a wide range of podiatry services to help clients with foot and ankle problems that affect their overall health, quality of life and general well being. The team at Acacia Podiatry work with patients to find the best solutions to their foot problems.

Their podiatrists are registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) ensuring they have completed the required studies and clinical assessment in order to hold registration. They are also members of a professional body called the Australian Podiatry Association which ensures they are kept up-to date with current research and developments in podiatry. Acacia also provide advanced wound care with both local and advanced technologies. Acacia specialise in diabetic foot management programs which they find very rewarding as they can see how it improves patients’ health.

Address: 8 Parap Pl, Parap NT 0820, Australia

Phone: +61476440558

Website: http://www.acaciapodiatry.com.au/

5. Territory Podiatry – Nightcliff

Territory Podiatry - Nightcliff

Territory Podiatry – Nightcliff is a podiatry clinic offering   expert treatment for foot and ankle related ailments. They deal with ingrown toenails, broken toes, heel pain, sore knees and other conditions that can be treated through an extensive range of therapies.

Territory Podiatry offer a full range of podiatry services, including initial assessments and consultations; management of acute injuries such as sprains and fractures; management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and neurological conditions; as well as general foot care for the whole family.

The team also offers total knee replacements and ultrasound guided injections for patients with chronic back pain or sciatic nerve issues. They use digital X-rays, ultrasound and MRI technology to get a complete diagnosis of your injury before coming up with a treatment plan that suits your specific needs. Call them to book an appointment today. With years’ experience under their belt, they’re one of Darwin’s premier podiatry clinics.

Address: 3/1 Pavonia Pl, Nightcliff NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889855055

6. Northern Podiatrist Clinic

Northern Podiatrist Clinic

Northern Podiatrist Clinic offers quality podiatry services to people in and around Darwin. Their experienced team of podiatrists will help you overcome your foot problems and give you back your life. They provide all types of treatments for foot ailments, including ingrown nails, blisters, calluses, corns, foot deformities etc.

Their professional team can help with any foot or ankle problem, from sports injuries and ingrown toenails to diabetic foot care and fungal nail infections. They also offer biomechanical assessments and orthotics – customised shoe inserts designed to relieve pain and improve your feet’s function.

They also help with common infections like fungal infections, athlete’s foot or nail fungus through natural treatment methods. So whether you are looking for a clinic that can offer laser treatment in Darwin or looking for best diabetic treatment in Darwin, contact them today or visit their clinic and find out how they can help you deal with any foot problem you might be having.

Address: Palmerston Shopping Centre, Shop 60, Palmerston City NT 0830, Australia

Phone: +61879247038

Website: https://www.northernpodiatristclinic.com.au/

7. Darwin Foot Clinic MOIL

Darwin Foot Clinic MOIL

Located at Mitchell Street, Darwin Foot Clinic MOIL is a podiatry centre offering customized treatment for flat feet, hammer toes, corns and calluses. Located in Darwin, Foot Clinic MOIL is a podiatry centre offering customized treatment for flat feet, hammer toes, corns and calluses. Some of their treatments include 3D footwear analysis to improve overall foot function and balance without medication.

Their team of Darwin Podiatrists are highly qualified in the treatment of foot and leg pain, injuries, conditions and diseases so you can trust them to help you live your life with improved mobility. As well as providing treatment for injuries and conditions, they also provide advice and education to prevent further injury or pain from occurring.

They apply modern technology and protocols to deliver high-quality care for a variety of foot conditions. Some of their treatments include 3D footwear analysis to improve overall foot function and balance without medication. They also provide podiatric services for foot pain and related issues like hallux valgus and bunions. Contact them today for more information.

Address: Suite 1/8 Budgen St, Moil NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889451211

Website: https://www.darwinfootclinic.com.au/

8. Stephen Bond

Stephen Bond

Stephen Bond is a podiatrist practice in Darwin. The clinic was founded by Stephen Bond, and has been working to help people with lower limb disorders for years now. There are qualified podiatrists in practice at current time, as well as several other medical staff working to deliver top notch care at all times.

The services you will get include general podiatry, wound and ulcer care, foot surgery and reconstruction, diabetic foot care, bunions, ingrown toenails, verrucas, sports injuries, heel pain. These are delivered by highly trained professionals at all times. The aim of Stephen Bond is not only to deliver high-quality care, but also providing it at an affordable cost so that more people can receive it without difficulty.

Stephen Bond provides professional and compassionate podiatry services in Darwin. The fully qualified podiatrist is committed to delivering the highest quality treatments, with a focus on patient education and comfort. Whether you need treatment for a foot or lower limb injury, or you’re looking for preventative care, Stephen Bond can help.

Address: Shop 3/1 Pavonia Pl, Nightcliff NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889855055

9. Dr Andrew Van Essen

Dr Andrew Van Essen

Dr Andrew Van Essen runs a podiatrist clinic that aims at resolving and preventing problems associated with feet. If you are looking for an experienced podiatrist, then you can’t go wrong with Dr Andrew. His expertise helps treat a variety of foot disorders ranging from diabetic feet to athlete’s foot.

Quality is always guaranteed, as Dr Andrew takes all necessary precautions to ensure quality control and health compliance. You will find modern facilities such as x-ray machines and ultrasound scanners at his clinic for accurate diagnoses and treatment plan. Therefore, if you have foot issues, visiting Dr Andrew is a good decision.

Address: 3a/24 Litchfield St, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

Phone: +61889419955

Website: http://darwinpodiatry.com.au/

10. Northern Podiatrist Clinic

Northern Podiatrist Clinic

Northern Podiatrist Clinic is one of Darwin’s premier podiatry clinics. The clinic offers a variety of treatments for common conditions like plantar fasciitis and athletes foot, as well as flat feet, ingrown toenails and bunions.  These disorders affect people at all levels of fitness, so if you or your loved ones are suffering from any of these health issues Northern Podiatrist Clinic can help.

Additionally, they have an on-site pharmacy where patients can purchase medication after their visit. They apply modern approach to treatment and provide high quality service. If you are looking for a podiatrist make sure that you take a look at Northern Podiatrist Clinic’s services. Call them today to schedule your appointment.

Address: 5/2 Urquhart St, Parap NT 0820, Australia

Phone: +61879247038

Website: https://www.northernpodiatristclinic.com.au/


So, to answer your question, yes, there are plenty of podiatrists in Darwin. The city directory will tell you where they are, and you can then do research into which of them is the best podiatrist for you. Hopefully this has cleared up your confusion on the matter.

The Best way to choose a podiatrist is by getting a recommendation from someone you trust. But if that’s not an option, you can use online reviews or read about their training, education and experience on their website. The above list of 10 best podiatrists in Darwin should be able to help you find a highly qualified physician near your home.

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