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10 Best Psychologists in Brisbane

Keeping tabs on your mental health could prove tasking without support from an experienced counsellor or psychologist. That’s why this list provides vital information on the best psychologists in Brisbane to help you book an appointment with ease. Bouts of anxiety and depression can make someone struggle with everything. And if you currently live in Brisbane, the challenge to keep up could be overwhelming. Consulting the best psychologists in Brisbane is a smart way to stay on track and cater to your mental wellbeing.

That’s why this guide provides details on ten top psychologists to visit in Brisbane today. Booking a consultation with any of these experts could be the difference-maker that gives you an edge over others.  

You’ve been feeling a bit down lately. Maybe you’re having some trouble with relationships at work or home. Maybe you can’t get motivated to do the things you used to love doing. Perhaps you just feel a bit “stuck” and in need of something to change your perspective on life. Whatever the reason may be, there are many psychologists in Brisbane who can help you overcome your problems and live a happier life. Here are 10 of the best psychologists in Brisbane.

1. Ascent Psychology – Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Experts at Ascent Psychology are always ready to help children, adolescents, and adults suffering from anxiety, depression, anger issues, and so on.

They also help couples tackle parenting issues, as well as conflict resolution in relationships and marriage. Appointments can be finalized in moments, and you’ll get a consultation with experts within operating hours. The centre operates six hours a week, providing clients enough time to get their mental health needs met.

 The experts at Ascent Psychology never hesitate to give their clients an insightful and constructive feedback about ways they can change for a better life. They’ll also motivate clients to try their best, and take action to achieve goals. The centre operates six hours a week, providing clients enough time to get their mental health needs met.

Address: 105/71 Doggett St, Newstead QLD 4006, Australia

Phone: +61 452 248 129

Website: www.ascentpsychology.com.au

2. Urban Bodyworx

Purpose-driven, motivated, and experienced staff at Urban Bodyworx operates to deliver the best mental health support to clients. Experts at this clinic are in no hurry to curate a plan to handle any mental health challenges clients may face.

Routine services at this centre target assisting individuals to cope with stress, anxiety, and handle chronic illnesses. Support to overcome addictions, individual, couple, and group counselling services are also available.

 Family is at its core, as it offers support to members from all walks of life. Additionally, trained therapists work with couples and individuals facing problems related to family, money issues, and employment. Therapists are ready to make changes for clients by helping them find a better path toward long-term health.

Address: 195 Fingal St, Tarragindi QLD 4121, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3848 2288

Website: www.urbanbodyworx.com

3. Brisbane ACT Centre

Psychologists at Brisbane ACT Centre work with scientifically-proven methods to assist patients grappling with various mental health issues. Skilled experts at this centre use Assessment & Commitment therapy (ACT), and other tools to deal with nagging mental health issues. Some mental health challenges handled at this hospital include OCD, PTSD, ADHD, and so much more.

 It’s possible that you are feeling overwhelmed by mental health concerns and don’t know where to begin looking for help.

The good news is that there are several effective treatment options available to you. Brisbane ACT Centre   offers various counseling services, including CBT, psychoanalysis, EMDR, and hypnotherapy. Call today for more information.

Address: 7 Marie St, Milton QLD 4064, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3193 1072

Website: www.brisbaneactcentre.com.au

4. Brisbane Counselling Centre

Getting guaranteed support to ace recovery from mental health challenges is easier at the Brisbane Counselling Centre. All clients get a warm welcome from expert staff and have access to professional counselling services.

Individuals, couples, families, and organizations can benefit maximally from their variety of services available at this centre. Routine services at this counselling centre include sport and exercise psychology, employee assistance programs, relationship/marriage counselling, and more.

 You can access their team of professional psychologists for any mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression, and addictions. You can also take advantage of their support for grief/loss issues, trauma-related concerns and life transitions. In addition to these services, you can also book your appointments to address academic or work-related issues. They will review your situation and then come up with a plan that works for you.

Address: Level 7/87 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3831 4452

Website: www.brisbanecounsellingcentre.com.au

5. CFHP Psychology & Counselling

The expert staff at CFHP Psychology and Counselling adopts effective counselling techniques to help patients manage various mental health challenges. Clients can receive proper management for health challenges like depression, sexual and gender issues, anger, trauma, and more. They are experienced psychologists in Brisbane, with a reputation for providing an exceptional level of care and support. They are committed to providing you with exceptional service and the highest quality psychological treatments that are proven to work.

Parents seeking help for their adolescents will get expert advice to help ensure growth and development in the child. Individuals searching for ways to speed up personal growth will get the needed support and guidance they seek here. CFHP also supports tele-health services to boost mental healthcare support from your comfort zone.

 The psychologists and counsellors at CFHP have been carefully selected for their dedication to excellence, training, and experience. To ensure outstanding service standards, only those clinicians with proven expertise and results are invited to join CFHP. This commitment ensures that clients enjoy a high level of satisfaction from care services. All therapists subscribe to strict confidentiality policies so personal information is never shared without consent.

Address: Level 8/288 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3211 1117

Website: www.cfhp.com.au

6. Restore Psychology – Brisbane City

Restore Psychology offers a welcoming atmosphere, as your well-being is their priority. The empathetic psychologists adopt necessary effort to make clients comfortable and to ensure utmost privacy and confidentiality. Experts at this clinic use various evidence-based counselling methods like Schema Therapy, Interpersonal therapy. EMDR, ACT, CBT for treatments. These therapies help clients meet their individual mental healthcare needs without stress.

They are an independent, dynamic and collaborative team of psychologists who are passionate about assisting people to live balanced and healthy lives. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, their psychologists are able to offer a wide range of psychological services to children, adolescents, adults and older people.

The therapists are friendly and skilled professionals who focus on empowering you to lead your best life. They offer one-on-one counselling sessions, marriage counseling etc. to deal with issues of depression, anxiety, PTSD, marital problems etc. Book an appointment or call them to know more about treatment procedures and fees schedule. Book appointments through phone or online from anywhere across Australia. For more information, contact them today!

Address: 141 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3503 6813

Website: www.restorepsychology.com.au

7. Mindful Psychology

Dedicated experts at Mindful Psychology give their best to ensure that clients get the needed help to live purposeful lives. The skilled, experienced psychologists at this clinic employ psychological science alongside ancient reflexive techniques to help clients manage mental issues. Routine services at Mindful Psychology include grief management, pain management, trauma They also offer sex therapy, career counseling and more.

Their vision is to become the most well-known psychology practice in Brisbane by providing exceptional quality care to all clients through their highly skilled team and personalised approach. They will achieve this by ensuring clients feel well supported throughout the entire process. Their commitment to providing outstanding clinical services begins with their intake process and extends through to treatment delivery and follow up.

The clinic’s skilled therapists possess master’s degrees from accredited institutions and have worked on their own private practices before joining forces to provide a wide range of effective psychotherapy services. The experts are also well versed with evidenced-based treatments. Contact them to learn more about which therapy is right for you.

Address: 5/6 Qualtrough St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3391 5833

Website: www.mindfulpsychology.com.au

8. Mark Korduba Psychologist

Dr. Mark specializes in providing appropriate and customized psychological support to adolescents, adults, couples, and families, according to their unique needs. Practical methods are adopted at this clinic to make sure clients get their mental health challenges resolved with ease.  Marked positive change is possible with the expertise available at this centre.

At Mark Korduba Psychologist they value ongoing professional education and development. They aim to stay current with latest research in order to provide the highest quality service for their clients.

The centre provides a comforting environment that allows clients to confide in Dr. Mark and get insightful solutions to their problems. They are dedicated to offering a supportive, dynamic treatment that can change one’s life for better. Dr. Mark has received advanced training from renowned institutions to improve his skills and meet client’s needs. He has worked with many people who have faced issues like anxiety, depression, relationship related matters etc.

Address: 239 Stafford Rd, Brisbane City QLD 4053, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3857 3777

Website: www.markkordubapsychologist.com

9. Dr. Jane Zhao-O’Brien, Clinical Psychologist

Jane Zhao-O’Brien applies various science-based methods like schema therapy, CBT, ACT, and others to help patients. Clients keen to deal with mental health conditions like PTSD, trauma, grief management, and a host of others can get expert support from this centre. Client assessment sessions are also available to rate your experience and send feedback. Such a follow-up practice makes it easy to get curated support from follow-up consultations.

Dr. Jane Zhao-O’Brien, clinical psychologists is fully trained and registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). She abide by the code of conduct of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and are bound by the APS Code of Ethics.

 This is a good choice for anyone looking to receive quality mental health care from a professional who can offer on-demand support when necessary. Dr. Jane Zhao-O’Brien also offers flexible appointments and payment options to suit everyone. This clinical psychologist provides psychological counselling for those dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma or behavioural issues like poor anger management.

Address: Suite 30/121 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone: +61 411 408 866

Website: www.psychologistbrisbanecbd.com

10. North Brisbane Psychologists

Reaching out for help exudes strength. With North Brisbane Psychology, clients can get a warm environment, genuine support and expert care to heal. Their treatment plan is tailored to meet patients’ needs and delivers support to battle feelings of anxiety and depression. Proven methods are employed at this clinic to also support anger and stress management, Relationships, and self-esteem. At North Brisbane Psychology, professionals believe it’s possible to recover from anxiety and depression.

North Brisbane Psychologists are a group of registered psychologists in Brisbane who are passionate about helping people improve their mental health and wellbeing. Their psychologists have many years of experience working with clients in private practice, hospitals and community settings, as well as leading workshops and training seminars.

They aim to build effective long-term solutions for these common concerns and equip clients with practical skills for a healthier, happier life. Their staff is comprised of experienced practitioners who possess advanced degrees in clinical psychology, counselling and psychiatry. Their team strives to provide treatment that is easy on patients’ finances by accepting Medicare rebates as well as bulk billing for those who are eligible.

Address: 9/1344 Gympie Rd, Aspley QLD 4034, Australia

Phone: +61 7 3726 5595

Website: www.northbrisbanepsychologists.com.au


Reaching out to the best psychologists in Brisbane makes it easy to overcome various mental health challenges with ease. Contacting an expert psychotherapist gives you access to state-of-the-art facilities, expert advice, and more to develop resilient mental health. 

Consult the psychologist that best appeals to your needs, and get guaranteed support to become successful and unfazed by stress. 

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