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10 Best Psychiatrists in Canberra

Psychiatrists have a very important part to play in the Australian psyche, and that’s not just because of their duty of care to their patients. They have a thorough understanding of the role that mental health plays in our lives, and offer a range of services and treatments to help people live happier and healthier lives.

Choosing the best psychiatrist can be difficult, with many clinics to choose from. However, if you need a psychiatrist in Canberra, you lucky! There are some excellent and experienced psychiatrists there who will make sure you get the treatment you need.

If you are living in Canberra and suffering from mental health issues, you may be considering which psychiatrist to see. It can be difficult to make that decision, as there are so many different types of professionals and treatment methods available. Luckily, this list of the 10 best psychiatrists in Canberra will help you choose the psychiatrist that will be the best fit for your situation and your needs.

1. Melville Clinic – Psychiatry

Melville Clinic – Psychiatry is one of Australia’s leading providers of mental health services, including psychological assessment and psychiatric treatment. They deal with a range of mental disorders and offer both short-term management options as well as long-term psychotherapy. Their professional staff has extensive experience in dealing with a variety of different issues and come from diverse backgrounds which enables them to cater to a large number of patients with different kinds of issues they face on a daily basis.

They are all highly trained and qualified psychiatrists who work collaboratively with other health professionals. They are committed to their ongoing professional development and their clinical practice has been accredited by the authorities.

They are highly rated for their treatment for depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and other mental health issues. They use evidenced-based approaches to treating various kinds of psychiatric illnesses in a psychotherapy based setting using methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR). Contact them if you feel you need someone to talk with.

Address: 2/84 Giles St, Kingston ACT 2604, Australia

Phone: +611300001660

Website: http://www.melvilleclinic.com.au/

2. Dr John Saboisky

Dr Saboisky is one of the best psychiatrists in Canberra, He deals with all kinds of mental health issues and has helped many people with mental disorders recover. His vast experience makes him an ideal person to talk to if you have any kind of psychological issue or just want to chat about your problems.

Dr John Saboisky is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Canberra who is committed to providing his patients with the best possible care. He has years experience as a psychiatrist, and although he’s no longer taking new patients, information about his practice and the people who work there is available on the practice website.

He applies a holistic approach when it comes to healing mental disorders and focuses on using natural methods of healing instead of simply relying on medicines. Some of the treatments he applies include hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, acupuncture and naturopathy amongst others. He is also experienced with working with families who have members suffering from mental disorders. You can reach out to him through phone or email for a timely response as well as a great solution for your problems.

Address: Suite 8 Calvary Clinic, 40 Mary Potter Cct, Bruce ACT 2617, Australia

Phone: +61262519100

3. Dr May Matias

Dr Matias has been a practicing psychiatrist for years and is a registered psychologist as well. She has a vast strong background dealing with many different types of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, sexual abuse and psychosis among others. She deals with patients from all walks of life; she treats both adolescents and adults for psychological distress, family therapy sessions, marriage counselling as well as group therapies such as anger management to name but a few.

Dr May Matias is a Psychiatrist located in Canberra. He provides various services including Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to the people in need. He has a great knowledge of psychiatry and experiences in this field. Dr May Matias is a psychiatrist who can listen to your problems and understands your mental condition.

Her approach to treatment is to tailor treatment to suit each patient. She uses a combination of talking therapies and medication depending on what is best for each individual. When it comes to medicine, she has an open mind and doesn’t rigidly stick to one medication without researching it thoroughly first; so if you are trying out new medication or if you have recently changed medications, Dr Matias will assess your current medication before recommending any changes.

Address: 2 Montford Cres, Lyneham ACT 2602, Australia

Phone: +61262486614

4. Dr Matthew Sellen

Dr Sellen is a psychiatrist that has been working in Australia for years. Dr Sellen has a rich experience when it comes to psychiatric therapy, having previously worked with people who have eating disorders and severe mental illness, as well as having worked at homes and hospitals that house those who need long-term care.

He has worked in a range of settings including the public sector, private practice and as a consultant with both large and small businesses. He has experience in the treatment of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorder, psychosis and post traumatic stress disorder.

He uses both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapy. His style of psychiatry helps people who are suffering from mental illness to move past their disorders, so that they can lead happy and fulfilling lives. You can therefore be confident that Dr Sellen will always do his best to help you overcome any mental health issues you might be facing. The fact he has been working for a number of years means he knows how best to treat patients; he is also not afraid to explore different treatments if one proves ineffective.

Address: Suite 32/175 Strickland Cres, Deakin ACT 2600, Australia

Phone: +61261794488

Website: http://www.neurodivergence.com.au/

5. headspace Canberra

Headspace offers a range of mental health and wellbeing services for young people aged 12-25 years. The headspace program is a key part of Australia’s early intervention strategy and has expanded to seven sites across Australia, including Canberra. Services include one-on-one appointments with a clinical psychologist, group therapy, youth support groups and self-help workshops which focus on topics such as self-esteem and depression.

They offer a range of services including individual counselling sessions, group therapy sessions, psychoeducation classes and small group work. The psychiatrists also provide telephone consultations for remote clients who may not be able to attend our clinic for their appointments. They are committed to providing a safe environment where patients can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or rejection from other

 A clinical psychologist will assess your needs and goals, and make recommendations. All headspace counselling is free. To book an appointment call or visit their website. They will help you to find a path to wellbeing and can refer you to other services if required. Most young people who access headspace say it helped them to work out what they need from support services; reduced their stress levels; increased self-esteem and self-belief; improved relationships with family, friends and teachers; improved coping skills for dealing with difficult situations.

Address: Unit 1/1 Torrens St, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia

Phone: +61261135700

Website: http://headspace.org.au/canberra

6. Dr Caroline Flynn

Dr Flynn is a board-certified clinical psychologist, with a specialty in health psychology. She’s also completed extensive postgraduate training giving her a vast range of skills and knowledge to provide you with excellent services. She uses evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness based CBT, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Schema Focused Therapy (SFT). These highly researched techniques have been used for decades to treat anxiety disorders including Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Her main aim is to treat people who may be suffering from severe depressive episodes but not necessarily suicidal ideation which means that many patients do not require any medications whatsoever.

Dr Flynn has expert skills in treating mental health issues such as PTSD, OCD and Depression. She will help you regain a sense of control over your life while providing much needed support and guidance to ensure your concerns are handled sensitively and effectively. Contact Caroline if you have questions about treatment, therapy or how she can assist with depression in Sydney or Melbourne.

Address: 14/2 King St (Corner of King and, Denison St, Deakin ACT 2600, Australia

Phone: +6162821002

7. Citta Clinic

The Citta Clinic is a leading psychiatrist in Canberra, providing comprehensive clinical care and treatments for a variety of mental health conditions. The Citta Clinic specializes in treating complex mental disorders. Whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression or have an eating disorder, The Citta Clinic has a treatment plan that’s right for you.

The Citta Clinic is a specialist mental health clinic in Canberra. Their focus is to provide the highest quality of care for patients with mental health problems. Their psychiatrists have years of experience in treating a wide variety of psychiatric illnesses, including major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia.

The team at The Citta Clinic includes physicians, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses and case managers who work together to provide you with compassionate care and help you achieve your goals.  With offices conveniently located in prime locations around Canberra, there is a location near you. Therefore, if you are looking for psychiatrists in Canberra, please contact Citta Clinic today.

Address: Suite 6, Football House 3, 5 Phipps Cl, Deakin ACT 2600, Australia

Phone: +61251044199

Website: https://www.cittaclinic.com.au/

8. Capital Clinical Psychology

Dr. Fink at Capital Clinical Psychology has a remarkable reputation and is highly recommended by clients as one of Canberra’s leading psychologists and psychiatrists. The team at Capital Clinical Psychology offers top quality clinical care, delivering both short-term psychotherapy and long-term therapies including treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and many other conditions (including personality disorders).

Their team includes psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors who work collaboratively to provide a comprehensive service that includes medication management, psychotherapy and counselling as well as referral to allied health professionals such as dieticians, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and physiotherapists.

The team is friendly and welcoming and works with a variety of patients, including children, adolescents and adults. They also provide treatment for gambling addictions as well as sexual disorders. You will benefit from being part of an atmosphere where clients feel comfortable and supported. Contact them today for more information.

Address: Deakin Sports Therapy Centre, 14/2 King St, Deakin ACT 2600, Australia

Phone: +61262821002

Website: https://capitalclinicalpsychology.com/about-dr-torres/our-practitioners/

9. Murrumbateman Specialist Centre – Psychiatry

Murrumbateman Specialist Centre is a psychiatric hospital that deals with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. They also offer help with social withdrawal and many of their clients have alcohol or drug problems. While they do treat patients on an outpatient basis, they also have short-term and long-term stays for people who need longer treatment periods.

The psychiatrists have helped many clients who are suffering from mental illness or addiction in the Canberra area. They can diagnose your condition and recommend medication where appropriate, but we also provide ongoing support and counselling to help you recover.

They have several specialties including adolescent disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and more. While it’s not perfect – there can be occasional wait times – overall, most patients would recommend them to others looking for mental health care. The team is willing to work with you around your schedule and you won’t feel pressured into anything that makes you uncomfortable. Contact them online or visit them for more details about their services.

Address: 27 Rose St, Murrumbateman NSW 2582, Australia

Phone: +61290526348

Website: http://www.murrumbatemanspecialist.com.au/


In determining the best psychiatrist for you, you want to find someone who Is convenient to your home or work, has experience in treating your type of mental illness, provides a safe, clean and friendly environment. The list of 10 Best Psychiatrists in Canberra should help you evaluate psychiatrists for yourself and make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

We hope you find our article about the best psychiatrists in Canberra helpful. This covers the top ten psychiatrists including their profiles, as well as where to find them. If you require any further information, please contact them directly.

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