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10 Best Doctors in Adelaide

There are many great doctors in Adelaide, but not all of them are the best in their field. To help you make an informed decision on the best doctor in Adelaide, we’ve compiled a list of the best doctors in Adelaide based on relevant experience and expertise as well as Google search results. We’ve also provided links to their websites so you can get more information about their individual specialties. Your health is important and these doctors have seen it all; go ahead and give one of them a call today.

When we are sick and require care, the last thing we should have to worry about is getting the best doctor. We all want the best, but it isn’t always that simple. With many doctors out there and limited time; we need a way to easily identify them. In this article, you will read about the 10 best doctors in Adelaide.

1. Adelaide Health Care

Adelaide Health Care was founded as a means to provide patients with a medical experience that treats them like people, not a medical number. By focusing on preventative care and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle, Adelaide Health Care is able to keep costs low while delivering highly effective treatment.

At Adelaide Health Care, their team of doctors in Adelaide are dedicated to offering the highest standard of care to patients. Their Doctors have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and they are all passionate about providing you with the highest standard of care.

The practice has been practicing medicine for over two decades. They serve many different types of patients including families, individuals, and groups They are focused on providing excellent care to every patient, every time. They understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to treatment and they treat each patient as an individual with unique needs.

Address: 43 Carrington St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Phone: +61884100774

Website: https://www.adelaidehealthcare.com.au/

2. Globe Medical Adelaide

Globe Medical General Practice and Walk-in Centre is an Australian owned and operated medical practice that caters to both international and local patients. They provide a wide range of health services including appointments with doctors, massage therapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapies and more.  The clinic’s experienced team of doctors are committed to serving people from all over South Australia.

Globe Medical Adelaide is a modern, bulk billing medical centre in the heart of Adelaide CBD. Their team of doctors in Adelaide are highly experienced and committed to providing you with the best possible care. They have rooms for individual consultations, allied health and nursing services.

They provide accurate advice and quality care at affordable prices. The staff at Globe Medical understand how important your healthcare decisions are; they want you to know your options before you make any final decisions so that you can feel confident about what you choose. You can reach them by calling or through their website.

Address: 1/21 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Phone: +61882327372

Website: https://www.globemedical.com.au/

3. Adelaide City General Practice

Adelaide City General Practice has been serving patients of all ages since 1976. The medical professionals are friendly and welcoming, and they also accept most forms of medical insurance, including Medicare. In addition to providing physical exams and various lab tests, this family-owned clinic can prescribe medications.

They are dedicated to providing patients with exceptional healthcare and service in a comfortable environment. They also offer emergency appointments each day, bulk billed early morning clinics on Monday to Friday, same day appointments and Saturday morning appointments.

Before you go on vacation or take a business trip out of town, make sure your annual physical is up to date; there’s no better place for that than Adelaide City General Practice. The medical staff has a long history of providing top-notch care with personal attention and concern. This reputation has been cultivated over many years through honesty and integrity, as well as an unmatched dedication to customer service.

Address: Level 2/29 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Phone: +61884101322

Website: http://www.acgp.com.au/

4. O’Brien Street General Practice

If you’re looking for an excellent doctor in Adelaide, try O’Brien Street General Practice. The staff at O’Brien Street General Practice will go out of their way to provide you with prompt and courteous service. They also have very flexible hours and will make arrangements to see you quickly when necessary.

The doctors at O’Brien Street General Practice have a wide range of interests and experience. They are a family friendly practice with doctors who have a special interest in women’s and children’s health and they are committed to working together as a team with other health professionals to provide the best care possible.

The practice has been offering quality services since 2005 and is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. O’Brien Street General Practice is committed to providing personalized healthcare for her patients and offers 24/7 access to nurse practitioners for advice about general health issues. The staff at O’Brien Street General Practice will go out of their way to provide you with prompt and courteous service.  They also have very flexible hours and will make arrangements to see you quickly when necessary.

Address: 17 O’Brien St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Phone: +61882314026

Website: http://www.obrienstreetpractice.com.au/

5. Dr Jack Kerry

Dr Jack Kerry is a general practitioner. Jack Kerry is well known for his interests in functional medicine and mind-body connection. For years, Dr Jack Kerry has been dedicated to general practice and wellness care of children and adults. He is very passionate about helping patients achieve their best health as possible.

His deep knowledge and understanding of functional medicine and mind-body connection, combined with his extensive experience, have helped him to develop an effective approach for helping patients find solutions for their health concerns.

Dr Jack Kerry is a General Practitioner in Adelaide. He is well known as one of the best Doctors in Adelaide.  He mainly deals with general health issues and also deals with skin cancer. He also performs skin checks to detect any abnormalities on your skin. He has been working in this field since a very long time now and hence he understands all the problems of his patients.

Address: 129 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Phone: +61882312824

6. DR TS Pouras

DR TS Pouras is a general practitioner and a paediatrician. His holistic approach includes resolving long-term issues such as anxiety and fatigue by improving your immune system. Some general practitioner services include diagnosing common medical problems, treating skin conditions, prescribing medications for chronic diseases, monitoring illnesses and administering vaccines for children. Paediatric services include working with babies from their first days of life.

Their doctors believe in taking their time with each patient so that they can understand your health concerns and provide you with the best possible medical care. They strive to provide personalised care with the highest standards of professionalism in a friendly and comfortable environment.

DR TS Pouras focuses on quality health care and thus delivers excellent service. His experience makes him one of the best doctors in Adelaide. He was trained in Adelaide and completed a fellowship at Royal North Shore Hospital. He understands that some people might have special needs so he makes sure to accommodate them wherever possible.

Address: 183 Tynte St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

Phone: +61882390708

7. University Health Practice

University Health Practice is a general practice that provides health care to residents of Adelaide and surrounding suburbs. Whether you are new to Australia or have been here for some time, it’s important to know where you can find quality medical care with doctors who understand how your particular circumstances may affect your overall health.

Their team of doctors and other staff will take the time to listen to you, understand your problem and work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs. University Health Practice also provides a range of allied health services including psychology, dietetics and physiotherapy. University Health Practice provide high-quality primary care services, including minor surgery and chronic disease management, all under one roof.

Their caring and knowledgeable staff are proud to treat patients of all ages; from babies to seniors.  All services at University Health Practice are delivered by GPs, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and specialists. They ensure that their practice offers a highly personalized service, while being attentive to your family’s health care needs.

Address: Campus The University of Adelaide, Ground Floor Horace Lamb Building, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5005, Australia

Phone: +61883135050

Website: https://www.adelaideunicare.com.au/index.php/our-practices/university-health-medical-practice

8. City Clinic

The City Clinic is among Adelaide’s leading medical centre, offering expert consultation on a variety of medical issues.  From ear infections to migraines, there are numerous ailments that can be treated at this clinic—that’s what makes it so well-regarded among residents of Adelaide. They use pride themselves on speedy and effective care; they have advanced technology and diagnostic equipment; and they offer generous hours, which helps make an appointment convenient for patients with busy schedules.

The clinic has a diverse range of skills and expertise, including interest areas in paediatrics, women’s health, men’s health, diabetes, skin cancer, mental health and geriatrics. Their doctors work closely with the allied health staff at City Clinic to formulate the best possible treatment plans for you.

The City Clinic doctors here are extremely well-trained and highly skilled; they know exactly how to handle all types of ailments.  From allergy specialists to physiatrists, they offer medical expertise on a variety of conditions. Get in touch with them today to learn more about their convenient office locations—they’re happy to answer any questions you have about their services.

Address: 160 Grote St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Phone: +61882411199

Website: http://cityclinic.xyz/

9. Forward Medical

Forward Medical is a leading provider of health care services   across South Australia. Their network of clinics, hospitals and other medical practices delivers a wide range of healthcare services to thousands of people every day, as well as offering online consultations through their online portal. With such a broad reach, they have numerous doctors across South Australia who are part of their team, many practicing in Adelaide.

They are a team of highly trained, dedicated and caring professionals who are committed to providing the highest standard of medical care in a friendly, comfortable environment. They offer a range of services including men’s health and women’s health, immunisations, skin cancer checks and treatment, travel medicine, work cover and rehab medicals.

They also have a number of specialty services including some of Australia’s leading cosmetic and plastic surgery options, along with routine healthcare services such as family and general practice. Their range is truly comprehensive, which has made them so well-loved by patients across South Australia. To make life easier for people who need to go see a doctor, they also offer online booking options on their website.

Address: 6/50 Hutt St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Phone: +61883592776

Website: http://www.forwardmedical.com.au/

10. Family Home Doctors

Family Home Doctors, has been providing safe and caring medical care to patients. They are committed to providing quality, compassionate, and cost-effective medical services. With 24-hour call service, same day appointments and flexible hours, it is easy to make an appointment for whenever you need them. If you have any questions regarding their practices or how they can provide health care to your family, please feel free to contact them via phone or email.

Their highly qualified doctors can provide in-home medical services for all ages, from young children to the elderly. Whether you need care in the comfort of your home or are looking for a bulk-billing doctor to treat your family, they have you covered.

They are a fully accredited Medicare provider, so your medical care is covered under your health insurance. If you don’t have any health insurance and need to see a doctor, they provide a full range of fee-for-service options to ensure affordability. in case of emergency or major injury, call Family Home Doctors for an immediate response from their friendly staff.

Phone: +611300695628

Website: http://www.familyhomedoctor.com.au/


The 10 Best Doctors in Adelaide are chosen based on their professional experience, expertise and reputation. This is why they have all passed thorough background checks and accredited by important authorities like Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited. Moreover, all of them are known for offering a wide range of services to patients suffering from a plethora of health conditions including cardiac issues, skin problems or gastrointestinal problems among others.  On top of that, you can rest assured that your doctor will treat you with utmost respect and confidentiality.

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