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10 Best Dentists in Darwin

Having a beautiful smile is an important part of your personality. When you have good teeth, you feel better about yourself and look more attractive to others. It is thus very important to take care of your teeth. A visit to the dentist at least once a year is important to check on your teeth. By doing so it would prevent dental problems later on in life such as cavities and toothaches as well as other disorders that can cause greater damage than normal wear and tear.

If you live in Darwin and are looking for the best dentist, you should know that there are quite a lot of them. However, this doesn’t mean that all dentists are equal. Some will give you not only great dental treatment but also pleasant communication and flexible payment options.  Such a combination can make your choice very difficult. If you want to get over it quickly, we have prepared a list of the ten best dentists in Darwin. You can see what they offer and decide if any of these candidates are good enough for your teeth.

1. NT Dental Gateway

NT Dental is one of Australia’s leading chains of dental clinics in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. NT Dental is the dental clinic in Cairns that strives to deliver personalised dental care. In addition to having some of Australia’s most experienced dentists on staff, they offer a range of services from tooth whitening to root canals for children and adults alike. They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service.

NT Dental Gateway are committed to ensuring that you feel at home during your visit with them. They know that for some people, dental visits can be stressful but they will do everything they can to ensure that your experience with them is as comfortable as possible.

The team at NT Dental Gateway is well-trained and experienced in all aspects of dentistry. Their skills and expertise ensure that you receive top-quality care for your teeth and gums every time you visit one of their clinics. Book an appointment with NT Dental Gateway today to find out more about their dental services, staff and prices! Whether you are looking for a general checkup or are worried about your child’s dental health, get in touch with NT Dental today.

Address: 28A Gateway Shopping Centre, 5 Yarrawonga Rd, Yarrawonga NT 0830, Australia

Phone: +61889328925

Website: http://ntdental.com.au/

2. Palmerston Dental Surgery

Palmerston Dental Surgery provides a range of dental treatments, including braces and implants. in addition to these services, patients are also able to have check-ups that include X-rays if required. When you come into their office for your next appointment or check-up, expect friendly service from experienced staff members who will give you everything you need to maintain healthy teeth for years to come.

They provide general & cosmetic dental procedures including implants, orthodontics, dentures & teeth whitening to people of all ages and in every stage of life. They offer flexible appointments and payment plans as well as emergency care if required. They are committed to delivering high quality dental services at affordable prices.

They use state of the art equipment and cutting-edge techniques to ensure you’re receiving only top-quality care. In addition, they have a range of payment options available so that you can select what works best for your budget. So, contact Palmerston Dental Surgery today, and schedule an appointment for your next dental check-up or treatment.

Address: 4/6 Maluka Dr, Palmerston City NT 0830, Australia

Phone: +61889321544

Website: http://www.palmerstondentalsurgerynt.com.au/

3. National Dental Care, Darwin

If you’re looking for a team of honest, reliable, and skilled dentists in Darwin, look no further than National Dental Care. From general checkups to extensive restorative work, National Dental Care provides top-quality service at every level of their practice; that dedication is reflected in their many five-star reviews from happy customers.

The team at National Dental Care offers comprehensive care for patients of all ages; their experience extends to dental care for adults and kids alike. They take a gentle approach with children—knowing that even young children benefit from regular check-ups—and they also treat adults of all ages.

They also offer emergency services for patients who are in need of immediate attention. This makes it a very good option if you’re looking for quality dental care that is convenient and affordable. They also have a friendly staff, which makes it easy to find the right dentist to treat your teeth and gums. Get in touch today to book an appointment!

Address: 26 Mitchell St, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

Phone: +61889411717

Website: https://www.nationaldentalcare.com.au/practices/darwin

4. Smith Street Dental Practice

Smith Street Dental Practice is one of Darwin’s leading dentistry practices. As well as having state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, the team have a wealth of experience and a gentle approach to care that’s ideal for those who suffer from dental anxiety. From teeth whitening to dental surgery, you can be sure of a first-class service at a competitive price at Smith Street Dental Practice.

The team’s friendly approach is supported by a range of services including sedation dentistry, dental hygienists and orthodontics. They specialise in cosmetic dentistry and have been working in the field for years, not just months. They are always up to date with latest techniques and use the best quality materials to ensure you receive the best results possible. Additionally, you can book an appointment online via their website, get in touch with the team at Smith Street Dental Practice via phone or submit your enquiry using their online form.

They offer a full range of dental services including general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. They are trained to the highest standards and provide a truly personalised service you know you can trust.

Address: 111 Smith St, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

Phone: +61889819149

Website: http://www.smithstreetdentalpractice.com.au/

5. Casuarina Square Dental Care

Casuarina Square Dental Care is one of Darwin’s best dentists. Casuarina Square Dental Care offers a variety of dental treatments to keep your teeth healthy and straight.  Their dentists are specially trained for cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, root canal treatment, wisdom tooth removal and many more. Their services are of great quality at affordable prices. You can also get a free consultation on any kind of dental procedure you want to undergo at their clinic.

They provide a complete suite of general, preventive and cosmetic dental services including teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges, tooth-coloured fillings, wisdom teeth removal and orthodontics (invisalign). They offer general, cosmetic and preventative dentistry services in a modern environment, with the latest technology and equipment to make your experience as stress free as possible.

Their team of dentists consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have been serving patients for several years. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy dentist for your family or yourself, then contact them immediately.

Address: Shop 383A/247 Trower Rd, Casuarina NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889279418

Website: https://www.casuarinasquaredentalcare.com.au/

6. Compass Dental Care

Compass Dental Care is a dental clinic located at Salonika St, Parap, Darwin, Northern Territory. It specializes in general and family dentistry and emergency dentistry and offers walk-in services as well as appointments.  Some of its specialties include tooth restoration, dental implants, cavity restoration, root canal therapy and fluoride treatment. The clinic also provides implants for teeth to improve quality of life through improved appearance and self-esteem.

They are a modern, welcoming practice with a strong focus on comprehensive dental care. Their experienced dentists offer a wide range of dental services for the whole family. They are passionate about helping you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile, which is why they are committed to ongoing education so that they can provide the latest treatment options for patients.

The team at compass dental care are committed to providing friendly, professional, comprehensive dentistry with a strong focus on preventative dental services. therefore, if you need an urgent dentist near Parap, we recommend calling Compass Dental Care without hesitation.

Address: Suite 102/12 Salonika St, Parap NT 0820, Australia

Phone: +61889959530

Website: https://www.compassdental.com.au/

7. Nightcliff Dental Surgery

Nightcliff Dental Surgery is a dentist offering a wide range of treatments and services. As a result of their excellent work and friendly customer service, they have built up an excellent reputation among locals living in and around Nightcliff. They offer professional dental procedures including dental surgery, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth removal and dental implants.

They offer a comprehensive range of dental services, including preventative care, oral hygiene checks, teeth whitening, and family dentistry. They also specialize in sleep dentistry for patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist!

As well as providing high-quality treatments, Nightcliff Dental Surgery also offers special discounts to students and pensioners so you can get the best treatment possible without breaking your budget. For all your dental needs, look no further than Nightcliff Dental Surgery.

Address: 6 Pavonia Pl, Nightcliff NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889851668

Website: https://www.nightcliffdental.com.au/

8. Acacia Dental Surgery

Acacia Dental Surgery offers a range of dental services to people of all ages.  They also have their on-site dental laboratory, which allows us to deliver high quality, affordable dentistry that’s unique to you.  The team at Acacia are highly trained and regularly attend specialist courses to keep up with new developments in dentistry. Whether you’re looking for help whitening your teeth or want something more extensive like orthodontics, they can help! For beautiful natural teeth that last a lifetime.

They have a variety of services, including sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, general and emergency dentistry as well as teeth whitening, dental implants and many more. They have an affordable range of Invisalign braces, which can straighten your teeth without causing major disruption to your life. If you’re looking for further information about their services or would like to make an appointment, contact them for today.

Address: Suite 4 Coolalinga Shopping Cntr, Coolalinga NT 0835, Australia

Phone: +61889832780

Website: https://www.acaciadental.com.au/

9. Darwin Smiles @ Fannie Bay Dental

Darwin Smiles is one of Darwin’s top dentists. Their friendly staff and warm environment make them a popular choice for those who want to ensure their smile stays as healthy as possible. They provide appointments at convenient times so you won’t have trouble finding an appointment that fits into your schedule.

This clinic has been giving the people of Darwin high-quality dental care for years now. They also have a team of highly trained and experienced specialists who can provide you with the best dental care that you need. They provide the highest quality care for all our patients and specialise in providing an extensive range of dental treatments for children.

Some of their high-quality dental services include teeth cleaning, fillings, root canals, crowns and even surgery. Book an appointment with Darwin Smiles @ Fannie Bay Dental. You can also visit their office at St, Fannie Bay.  They are just a phone call away if you have any questions.

Address: 4/9 Keith Ln, Fannie Bay NT 0820, Australia

Phone: +61889819993

Website: http://www.darwinsmiles.com.au/

10. Extreme Dentistry

Extreme Dentistry is a personal care business for all your dental needs. Their team is on hand to help you with any questions you may have. With their flexible appointment times, they are sure that there will be a time that suits you.

They use high-quality materials and techniques to achieve a result that you will be happy with. When you visit them for your treatment, you can expect a warm welcome from a team of friendly professionals who are ready to assist. Extreme Dentistry is Australia’s leading dental service provider, offering a full range of general and cosmetic dentistry services at all locations.

Address: 12 Orchard Rd, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia

Phone: +61889481225

Website: http://extremedentistry.com.au/


People visit dentists for many reasons, but most often they need to be treated for dental pain or disease. Whatever your reason for visiting a dentist, make sure you know how to choose one and ask questions before you schedule an appointment. The best dentists will explain procedures clearly and allow patients to ask as many questions as necessary. More than anything else, keep your smile healthy with regular appointments at a reputable dentist.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Darwin, one of these options might be a good fit. Whether it’s because of their technology or staff, these places have been proven to help people manage dental issues properly. Give them a call and schedule an appointment.

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