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10 Best Therapists in Canberra

The best therapists in Canberra offer professional services to help clients overcome challenges and disorders to lead happier lives. We all have something that bothers us and that we keep on thinking. We can’t recall something positive or pushing away the negative thoughts. These thoughts impact our personal and professional relationships, social life, health and job performance. That’s why this list of ten top therapists in Canberra will come in handy to help you make an excellent choice.

Seeking support from the best therapists in Canberra could be vital to maintain overall health, beat disorders, and guarantee stress-free living. That’s why you’ve got to choose a specialist with the experience and qualifications to handle your therapy sessions. When deciding how to treat Canberra depression or anxiety, it’s a good idea to start by creating an informed shortlist of potential therapists in Canberra.

In this list, you’ll get vital information about ten of the best therapists currently operating in Canberra. The experience of these therapists could be what you need to bounce back better, stronger, and more determined.

1. Kym Robinson Psychosexual Therapy

Everyone deserves a satisfying, deep, and affectionate sex life. That’s why sex therapist Kym Robinson provides a safe environment for clients to discuss issues affecting their relationships. After Kym’s discussion, she’ll know the right kind of sexual therapy you need to supercharge intimacy with your partner.

Kym knows how important it is for her clients to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their sessions, so she takes the time to get to know every one of them before diving into the therapy. She strives to make sure that every client feels safe and encouraged to speak about their concerns openly and honestly. Her proven treatment methods can help clients overcome sex-related problems with ease. Kym assists clients to find lasting solutions to low libido, painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, and others.

 She practices these forms of sex therapy: sex therapy, psychosexual therapy, and marriage and family therapy. She also specialises in female sexual dysfunction and works with both couples and individuals. Kym is registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as a Psychosexual Practitioner and a Member of College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT).

Address: AMP building, Level 10/1 Hobart Pl, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61 435 228 554

Website: www.psychosexualtherapy.com.au

2. Mindscape Therapy

At Mindscape Therapy, the goal is to help individuals improve their overall well-being. Seasoned professionals at this centre use different evidence-based approaches to help clients deal with various emotional, psychiatric, and psychological problems. They work with a broad range of mental disorders, including anxiety, depression, stress and eating disorders. Their team also specializes in trauma therapy and family therapy.

At this centre, clients receive help to come to terms with hurtful and traumatic experiences. And the experts at this centre provide recommendations on the right therapy to help beat such challenges without hassle.

Clients get to benefit from one-on-one counselling sessions that help them to explore options and come up with solutions. Various kinds of therapy, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Play Therapy, Family Systems Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy are available at Mindscape Therapy. The professionals at Mindscape have expertise in dealing with a wide range of issues, including abuse (sexual or physical), addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, self-esteem issues and trauma-related problems.

Address: Level 5/15 Moore St, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61 478 170 373

Website: www.mindscapetherapy.com.au

3. Lisa Anne Bell Psychology

Clinical psychologist Lisa Anne Bell possesses vast experience in her field. With over 24 years of practice, Lisa is skilled at providing custom therapy sessions to help clients achieve their life’s goals.

Dr. Lisa specializes in treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain, relationship issues, fatigue, and others. Booking an appointment with Dr. Lisa could be what you need to lead a healthier, fulfilled life.

Lisa Anne Bell’s area of practice includes family therapy, grief counseling, teen therapy, and more. She has a special interest in working with survivors of sexual assault and childhood trauma. Lisa is also skilled at helping children with learning disabilities. If you’re interested in booking an appointment, send an email message via her contact form on her website.

Address: 23 Petrie Plaza, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61 414 527 044

Website: www.lisabellpsychology.com.au

4. Sally Bundy Bramley

Dr. Sally Bundy is a gestalt therapist, counsellor, mediator, and life coach. She enjoys working with clients to manage anxiety, depression, drug dependency, abuse, sexuality, grief, loss, and others.

Sally offers home therapy, after-hours, weekend, office visit, web or Skype therapy, and more. Booking an appointment with Sally could prove vital to get your mental health back to its peak.

Sally can help with depression, anxiety, trauma, and abuse. She’s an experienced therapist who understands exactly what her clients are going through.  You don’t have to go it alone if you feel like your life is spiralling out of control. And you certainly shouldn’t feel anxious about visiting a therapist for treatment. Make time for yourself to recover from your mental illness or simply learn how to cope better with stressors and improve your overall quality of life.

Address: 11 McKay Ln, Turner ACT 2612, Australia

Phone: +61 419 287 713

Website: www.sallybramleyahamoments.com

5. The Happy Neurons Company

Experts at The Happy Neurons Company specialize in helping individuals suffering from memory loss, mental health issues, and more. Cognitive Remediation Therapy is one of several methods used at this centre to help clients improve their cognitive performance.

They offer a wide range of services and therapies for every possible mental health issue. Their therapists are experienced and have extensive training in various fields of psychology, allowing them to provide the best possible outcomes for their clients. Routine services at this centre include mediation management, psycho-education, CBT for psychosis, clinical supervision, and more.

Specialized services include ADHD, depression and anxiety treatment, trauma-focused cognitive behaviour therapy, and more. Good therapists are hard to find, but you’ll be glad you found The Happy Neurons Company. They work tirelessly to help people get their lives back on track by helping them overcome mental health issues related to memory loss, etc. If your company needs a therapist or psychologist, reach out to The Happy Neurons Company for consultation and advice.

Address: AMP building, Level 10/1 Hobart Pl, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61 413 680 236

Website: www.happyneurons.com.au

6. PeopleSense by Altius Canberra Psychology

Individuals and organizations can benefit from various services offered by skilled experts at PeopleSense. Experienced professionals at this centre specialize in providing rehabilitative services to clients to trigger improved mental and physical health.

PeopleSense by Altius Canberra Psychology is the place to go when you need help with something. They are specialists in helping people no matter what their needs are, and they have a variety of different programs available. These include group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. Their goal is to help clients overcome whatever difficulties they may be facing so that they can live a happy, fulfilling life.

Clients go through a detailed psychological assessment to determine factors that act as a barrier to their health and overall well-being. After the client’s assessment, a treatment plan customized to suit the needs of each client.

Such professional support makes sure clients get the help needed to get back to peak performance without hassle.

Address: Level 3/161 London Cct, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 307 912

Website: www.altius-group.com.au

7. The Canberra Psychology Centre for Children and Families

The experienced psychologists at this centre work hard to provide support at every stage of a child’s life. Such ample support makes it easy to ensure children overcome challenges as they come at each growth stage. Routine services at this centre include focused therapy for toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. CPCCF also provide assessment for ADHD, dyslexia, autism, and others. The psychologists provide therapy for adults, children and adolescents in individual sessions or couples therapy as well as family therapy for families with children or adolescents.

This centre also provides psychological testing services to ensure children, adolescents, and adults have all skills required for success. For example, these might include literacy tests to identify dyslexia. The centre can also help with psycho-educational assessments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

If parents are concerned about learning problems in their child, they should consult a psychologist or other skilled professional immediately. The psychologist at CPCCF will examine each child’s brain wave activity while they solve simple math problems and work through visual puzzles.

Address: Lennox Crossing & Lawson Crescent, Acton ACT 2601, Australia

Phone: +61 2 6230 0880

Website: www.cpccf.com.au

8. Gestalt Encounters

Experienced therapist Shona Elliot provides the needed support and guidance to help clients improve their emotional and mental well-being. Using Gestalt therapy as well as other methods, she creates individualistic treatment plans according to the needs of each client.

Gestalt Encounters is a group of therapists in Canberra who are passionate about helping people improve their lives. They specialise in counselling and psychology services for individuals, couples and families. Dr. Elliot’s regular services include individual therapy, couple counselling, parenting training, therapy for adolescents, agency team supervision, and more.

Her practice is situated within a professional office building, where she has an ample amount of space to work. Dr. Elliot is easy to access, with drop-in and scheduled appointments available throughout the week. Appointments are scheduled on short notice; however, cancellations must be made 24 hours ahead of time or they will be charged.

The sessions tend to run between 45 and 60 minutes long; however, clients are welcome to ask for additional time at no extra cost.

Address: 11 McKay Ln, Turner ACT 2612, Australia

Phone: +61 439 493 523

Website: www.gestaltencounters.com

9. Canberra Yoga Therapy

Stress from various aspects of life can leave us shaken, emotionally, mentally, and even physically. That’s why Canberra Yoga Therapy provides yoga and Zen exercises to help clients cope with stress and anxiety. Therapies are also available to help clients get faster, effective pain relief and mental health support.

Booking an appointment with Canberra Yoga Therapy could be the key to discover secrets to a peaceful, healthy life.

You can learn more about why Yoga Therapy may be a good fit for you by calling or visiting their website. When you do, don’t forget to check out some of their affordable yoga classes and workshops too!  Booking an appointment with these therapists is simple because they offer flexible hours that are easy to schedule with their team. If you’re looking for a psychologist in Canberra, please browse through the pages on their website. You’ll see the range of services they provide, and how they can help you take your life from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Address: Flourish 62/28 Mort Street, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia

Phone: +61 417 423 804

Website: www.kendrahealingarts.com

10. Dipac Counselling Therapist

Life isn’t always rosy; we encounter so many challenges that cause emotional stress. That’s why Dipac Counselling Therapist offers therapy sessions to individuals, couples, and families to deal with various challenges.

They provide psychological assessment, treatment and counselling for adults, couples and children. They work with a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and conduct disorders. Routine services at this centre range from sex therapy to anxiety counselling, grief/loss management, marriage counselling, mediation, and others.

For their counselling sessions, they use a combination of methods including narrative therapy, hypnotherapy, and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). They also recommend art therapy to clients. Therapy is one of many ways to treat anxiety, depression, and other similar conditions or circumstances. It’s an effective option for people who want help dealing with issues on their own terms. Contact Dipac Counselling Therapist today to request therapy appointments.

Address: Level 1, The Realm, 18 National Circuit, ACT 2600, Australia

Phone: +61 2 6198 3423

Website: www.dipac.com.au


Connecting with the best therapists in Canberra is an effective way to manage physical and mental health challenges without stress. Therapists specialize in different areas, so be sure to select an expert with the support you need.

Surely, you’ll be able to maintain your overall wellbeing with support these experienced therapists provide.  

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