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5 Apps that Every Doctor in Australia Must Have

Smartphones have been influencing our lifestyle mainly, from banking, shopping, to managing businesses smartphones have changed our lives. Medical apps are on steak these days. Yes! Medical workers can now use these applications to make their work-life and even their lifestyles better. 

Must-have apps for doctors in Australia

Mobile health is on track to become a market of approximately $ 300 billion by 2025. The telehealth industry will grow by about 19% between 2019 and 2025. Health data is expected to grow by 36% to 2025. In the pool of innovation, how do you know which is the best medical health application for you? Read more to know!

Top Medical Applications

1.     Figure 1

Figure 1 app is a combination of social networking platforms and visual database. This app allows doctors to share medical images with several users. This way, they can also expect some feedbacks or suggestions on their case. Since this app is exclusively designed for professionals, they can rest assured that the content that they are consuming is valuable for them.

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Figure 1

2.     MDCalc

MDCalc app is a combination of medical calculator, equations, algorithms, and score. The application provides over 350 clinical decision tools that are an expert in over 36 speciality fields. The content on the app is exclusively written by expert doctors to help other professionals understand how to apply and use clinical decision tools. Certain “pitfalls” or “next step” are inclusive in the application to make sure you are using the app properly.

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MDCalc App

3.     Medscape

Medscape application is exclusively designed to help you with the point of care decision making. It also allows you to discuss your case in a clinical community by sharing it with other professionals. The application provides drug information and specific reference tools. The app also has a unique feature; Drug Interaction Checker; this allows up to 30 inputs and checks interactions between the same.

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Medscape App

4.     Headspace

Headspace application aims at providing mindfulness. As a doctor, it is nearly impossible to get some time for oneself. The profession deals with a lot of stress and risks. Headspace is designed with simple meditation and mindfulness exercises. Cultivating this habit allows doctors to focus better on each of their cases, relieves their stress, and helps them relax. The application includes sessions for everything, from stress to sleep.

Image result for headspace app
Headspace App

5.     Robinhood

This application is ideal for earning passive income. Whether its cryptocurrency, ETF’s or stocks, Robinhood allows to invest or buy for free of charge. This commission-free application shows the on-going trends in the market to help you understand if it’s an excellent decision to purchase or sell the stocks. The app also keeps track of your trading to notify you if it’s an excellent time to sell your share.

Image result for robinhood app
Robinhood App


You can download all these above mentioned best medical health applications for free on either the Apple Store or Android Google Play Store. Hopefully, these applications help you with your needs and inspire you to look for more knowledge and information that’s available at your fingertips.


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