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Controversial Medical Issues

By nature, learning and discovering new things stir up controversies and disagreements. They raise questions and doubts. But more importantly, they lead to answers and breakthroughs most quite often.

Why People Tend to Fall in Controversies

These assertions frequently stem or spring new developments and sometimes conclude resolutions to perpetuating problems. And that is how human society evolved and advanced through time.

While a lot of people get incline in challenging new ideas and inventions, some are more focused on keeping things in check and making sure that drastic measures are covered and laid out.

What are Controversial Medical Issues

Controversial medical issues are among the most heated and talked about topics that people are passionate to discuss, dispute, or disagree more often.

2020 opened a new door for both old and emerging controversial health and medical-related topics. That said, below is a list of some of the most contentious medical issues the world is consistently debating and challenging.

·       Top 6 Most Controversial Medical Issues of All Time

These are the top 6 medical issues that have raised eyebrows and triggered global forum discussions over time.


1.   COVID-19

Inarguably, the novel coronavirus is the most widely spoken medical issue around the world today. The fact that people were caught by surprise with this pandemic made it more controversial.

There are five (5) controversies involving COVID-19 that the world is continuously in an argument.

ü  Face Masks

Topics about face masks became a worldwide trend as everyone is in a contest about its usefulness and effectiveness.

While many countries have legally mandated the use of face masks, others have questioned the objectives. Scientists, medical professionals, world leaders, and people are in a continuous debate about it.

ü  Number of Cases

Another conflict involved in COVID-19 is the gauging and disclosing of the number of cases. Scientists are using two critical strategic approaches in estimating the true prevalence.

One is to test a sample of a handful of people in a population for antibodies. The other approach is through the prediction of how the virus has affected a community with the use of mathematical models. And such has provided different estimates that created more fuss and debate.

ü  Home Remedies – Alternative Therapy Claims

Alternative therapy claims have also aroused as more people are trying to instigate the effectiveness of these home remedies, such as taking high doses of vitamin C, Chinese herbal treatments, consuming garlic, and drinking plenty of water, among many others.

A few people argued that these claims have no medical evidence to be effective. It is yet to be proven that they can cure and protect you from the coronavirus.

ü  Hot Temperature to End COVID-19

While other people argue about home remedies, some raise the subject of heat or humidity that can kill the virus. Although it is common knowledge that respiratory problems usually occur during the cold or winter season and decline in summer, further investigation is yet required to conclude.

ü  Immunity

While many scientists firmly believe that antibodies are the solution to immunity, others have argued that other immune cells are involved too.

T cells are the other cells, which play a crucial role in the immune response, and which also the body produces when it encounters the molecules to fight viruses, some scientists argued to be involved too.

2.   Vaccine Controversies

As the COVID-19 vaccine is controversial nowadays, controversies involving vaccination have been in the foreground and background for many years.

Vaccines have become a global debate as many people are questioning the safeness of this medical method in children’s health. The hesitancy against vaccination is among the most controversial medical issues in history.

3.   Mental Health

Mental health is another substantially controversial medical issue these days that people are still in an argument. Many people have been depressed that some of them sorted to suicide. And the number is increasing and alarming. Thus, it caught the world’s attention.

Almost everyone across the globe has been a loyal and faithful advocate of mental health awareness. The ongoing massive clamor of its severity, essence, effect, scope, symptoms, prevalence, characteristics, and triggering factors are relentless and consistent.

4.   Autism

Although some medical experts link autism to mental disorders or mental health, the topic itself is an enormous controversy due to a lack of awareness and in denial.

Several specialists refer to it as developmental disorders instead of mental. And they strongly claim that it differs from mental illness in many significant ways. One of the differences they raised is that mental illness is treatable, while developmental disorders, such as autism, are lifelong disabilities.

5.   Abortion

The debate about the ethical obligations and human rights about abortion has been a never-ending story. While the modern world acknowledges the acceptance of this medical concept, the religious and moral groups are totally against it.

Albeit the immense opposition of other people against abortion as they deemed it to be unethical or immoral, women are also fighting for their right to decide for their bodies.


Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or AIDS is another controversial medical issue that broke the world. Everyone was clueless of what it was. Hence, it created a stigma in society and suffering for the people who have it.

Debates about this disease across the globe have been massive and significant. While the majority of the people have understood the issue, some couldn’t still get away from the controversy behind it.

There are many other controversial medical issues that the world has been arguing about, and among them is the “Right to Die.” It is still an ongoing discussion and debate across the globe. As other countries have accepted it, several nations are still not open to the idea.

It comes in various sub-categories, such as euthanasia, assisted suicide, withholding life-prolonging medical treatment, and termination of medical ventilation and life support.


There has been an endless battle against moral and unethical; of what’s right and wrong, and coupled with people’s different ideas and beliefs, controversies arise.

While some people question a new discovery or treatment to challenge the healthcare services and medical experts, others just want to keep things in perspective to make sure its effectiveness and safety as well as to ensure that drastic measures and alternative courses of action should be handy and ready.

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