Core Values

Medicine aims to be the most ethical, consumer friendly health company there is. It’s time pharmaceuticals took care of their patients.

We create new things that help people.

– Medicine Manifesto


Make Less Work

Do things efficiently and don’t waste time. Make it easy for others to pick up. Keep it simple. Don’t complicate. Do it right and do it once.


Don’t @#$%! The Customer

How would we want a company to act if we were the customer. We’d want to be treated well. Be honest. Be transparent. Do the right thing, always.


Faster, Better, Cheaper, Easier

Improve everything. Remove processes. Simplify all the things. You can do it yourself. You don’t need permission. Get to perfect. Make it amazing.


Invest, Invent, Copy

Create new stuff. Take the best things you see elsewhere. Do it here. Make it last a long time. Great fixes last forever. Copy what you like.


Fast Mistakes. Get It Done

Life is short. Do it now. No excuses. Do things until they’re done. It’s not done until it works. Grab opportunities. Take big risks. Fix things quickly.


Do Important Work

You live once. Care about people. Solve big problems. Have impact. Be genuine. Be authentic. Be the best. Climb every mountain. Leave your mark.


Learn From Faults

If a person doesn’t understand. It’s our fault for not explaining properly. It’s always our fault. Learn from it. Only losers don’t change. Take responsibility.


Don’t Be An Island

Be open. Overcommunicate. Bad communication causes all problems. Ask for help. Be generous. Be reasonable. Greatness never happens alone.


We’re On The Same Side

Nice people finish first here. No politics. We’re only as good as our weakest person. Help them be better. Don’t friendly fire. Loose lips sink ships.


Measure The Right Things

What gets measured, gets done. Make good decisions. Don’t jump to conclusions. Ask lots of questions. Be curious. Always give the benefit of the doubt.


Listen, Think, Understand

Think deeply about problems. Understand before acting. Listen then actually learn. Always respond quickly. Be blunt, concise and detailed. Follow up.


Ponder, Code and Wonder

Great problems are hard to find. Run experiments. Treat it like Math. Always get closer to the truth. Egos get in the way. Deep thinkers make new things.