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How to Get Health Advice Without Leaving the House

Today, the world gets shaken with the global health crisis. Everyone needs to stay at home. Hence, the level of medical anxiety around the world increases. By doing so, people are asking these days how to get health advice without the need to leave the house during this critical period.

With that said, we created a few essential tips and steps that you can take to be able to receive medical advice without leaving your home, as many people are staying at home these days.

Essential tips and steps to take to receive health advice while at home

As a lot of countries are in lockdown due to the widespread of the endemic disease, people get put into a flap of worry. The thought of how they’re going to receive reliable medical advice, especially those who have underlying or pre-existing illnesses, beset them.

However, the good news is there are efficient and trustworthy ways you can get health advice without leaving your dwelling.

  • Over the phone

With the advent of telephones, it is much easier, faster, and more convenient now to talk to people from distances. Everyone is using this type of communication to speak, relay, or share information with someone miles away from them.

Healthcare institutions and facilities are among the organizations that made used of telephones to reach out to their patients. By saying so, people can conveniently call their doctors or attending physicians for advice regarding their health conditions without the need to leave their homes.

Most of the healthcare professionals today are keeping themselves more available for their patients. So, you can just call your doctor over the telephone or mobile phone.

  • Text Message

Sending short messages to your physician through texts using your cellphone is also another way to get medical advice while you are staying at home. There are family doctors who accept questions or queries through Short Message Service (SMS) from their patients.

A text message is ideal for non-critical health issues or simple inquiries. You can send your doctor texts when you would like to ask for similar prescriptions, in cases of unavailable prescribed drugs, or if you forgot the timing of taking your medicine.

  • Email

Another way to get health advice from the health experts while you are at home is through electronic mail (email). This type of communication is befitting for queries that don’t require urgency, such as asking simple questions regarding your prescription or health condition and getting approval from your doctor, among many others.

You can also use email to set an appointment when you need one or get health certificates and other pertinent data from your doctor.

  • E-visit

Due to the latest advancements in healthcare technology, there are new methods or processes introduced that allow everyone to receive quality care without the need to leave your couch.

One of the most leading communications in health consultations these days is the E-visit.

It is a type of the latest communication method in the healthcare industry where patients and health professionals, like physicians, practitioners, doctor’s assistants, and nurses, get to exchange medical information online.

From the data or information shared by the patient online, the medical provider will carefully examine the specific conditions brought or experienced by the patient. Then, the physician will lead to a diagnosis and necessary treatments of the patient’s health condition.

An E-visit is another most advanced alternative of getting health advice for minor illnesses or certain medical conditions without going to the facility or clinic. It involves filling out a questionnaire online through a secure communication channel.

  • Virtual visit

One of the most highly in-demand advancements in healthcare services today is the virtual visit. This type of communication is probably the cutting-edge consultation in the medical industry. The patient can talk to a physician through a videoconference.

Many patients opt for this online consultation because they can actively interact with the doctor or medical specialist through a high-definition conference video call at his location. So, patients don’t need to go out or travel to consult or talk with a physician.

  • On-the-go healthcare services

There are times that blood extraction might be needed to evaluate a patient’s current condition, but due to the present situation of our global healthcare, it would be quite hard for a patient to go out and visit the nearest clinic.

Hence, on-the-go healthcare services came to emerge. Several private medical institutions or practices are offering this type of service to people who can’t leave their homes or travel to the clinic to get a series of laboratory work to get a diagnosis of their health condition.

Overall, telehealth or telemedicine is the latest method observed in healthcare services due to its efficiency and convenience. That is why many people are already acquiring their services due to the utmost comfort and ease they provide.

Benefits of acquiring telehealth

Acquiring telehealth or telemedicine can make your life more convenient and trouble-free. By saying so, we are listing down some of the benefits that you can get when you avail of the telemedicine services.

  • Easy access

Right at the comfort of your couch, you can simply dial, text, or email a physician for health advice. By using your phone, you can get easy access to a professional specialist and get help with any queries or diagnosis of your symptoms.

  • Saves you time

You are saving your time, money, and effort, as you don’t have to drive your way to the doctor’s clinic to get simple health advice.

There’s no need for you to visit a physician’s physical location just to get the answers that you need.

  • Convenient

Getting health advice through telehealth or telemedicine is the most convenient way to get your doctor’s answers because you can be anywhere in the comfort of your home. There are also times that we don’t feel like going out. So, when you want to seek the advice from your doctor without the need to leave your house, telehealth or telemedicine will suit you well.

  • Reliable

One of the essential things about telehealth is, it is reliable. Healthcare facilities or practices that offer such services have a secure online communication channel. With that said, you can guarantee the protection of your information. Moreover, licensed professional health experts will also assist you efficiently and conveniently.

  • Safe

When something is reliable, conclusively, it is safe, and that is what telehealth services offer. Most of all, it is much safer compared to visiting a doctor’s clinic or hospital today.

Not leaving your home these days is the most important decision and help you can give to the world. That is the reason our healthcare industry provided us telehealth or telemedicine services, so we don’t have to go out and get exposed to the widespread endemic disease.


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