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How to Grow a Medical Practice Using Local Advertising

Today, physicians and medical practitioners have to navigate an increasingly complex and ever-evolving world of medical practice. Most of these physicians experience numerous challenges and difficulties when trying to attract and retain patients.

While too many doctors still prefer traditional advertising, the online landscape offers new opportunities for designing and implementing innovative and effective marketing strategies. Here are some ways physicians can expand their medical practice using local advertising.

Digital Advertising Landscape

Digital Marketing is Dominating The Marketing Landscape

“Online advertising” plays a vital role in generating new leads to attract patients to your medical practice for high revenue procedures. It is one of the most essential and profitable tools, despite its fast-paced, highly competitive nature in today’s cyberspace.

Digital advertising has many different platforms, each one having its unique set of pros and cons. However, those platforms with the highest number of hitters are Facebook and Google Adwords, when it comes to medical practice.

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook is an integral part of any marketing and advertising strategy and not just a private medical practice. As a doctor, you can use a well-crafted Facebook strategy to boost revenues and keep your competition in check.

Facebook Geo Targeted advertisements make sure that your money gets effectively spent.
Facebook is An Amazing Platform Your Medical Practice

Using Facebook advertisements and paid campaigns to give away low-ticket service for free is an excellent way to attract local clientele.

The idea is to offer a free entry-level service to local patients and introduce them to the practice. Targeted Facebook ads not only help you gain the exposure you need to attract new patients but also a proven strategy to give your clients a great first experience and keep them coming back to you repeatedly.

Once the customer has a positive experience visiting your clinic, they will eventually want to keep coming back, again and again.

  • Google Adwords

Like Facebook, PPC, or pay-per-click advertising carries unique advantages for targeting potential patients for your clinic. Google Adwords allows physicians and private medical practitioners to target specific keywords in search and advertise to potential clients in particular demographic, geographic, and lifestyle categories.

Google is The Market Leader When it Comes to Digital Marketing

You can easily create and manage targeted advertising campaigns using dimensions such as age, gender, employment, interests, location, and income.

Local Advertising

While digital platforms have transformed today’s advertising industry with sophisticated tools and techniques, established, old-school advertising strategies are still useful for many clinics.

Operating medical practice needs years of experience and careful planning, as well as winning advertising strategies designed to attract and retain your patients.

Local Newspapers and Magazines are also an effective way to grow your practice.
Old School Way

There is always advertising space available in local publications and community dailies that can help you target the patients you want to attract. You can use local advertising to offer discounted screening and reduced rates on certain services for a limited time that will help you generate a buzz in the neighbourhood.

In addition, you can also put together a list of your current clients and send a personalized direct mail to your patients, informing them of new services being offered or discounted rates for packages deals. Printing and distributing brochures can also serve as an effective advertising strategy.

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