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Top Medical Universities in the World

Deciding on the career to pursue is both liberating and grueling. However, when you’ve settled with your purpose and choice, it will be an exhilarating ride in unraveling a new world of opportunities and dreams.


With the current global situation in the healthcare industry, it looks like almost everyone wants to become a doctor or a medical practitioner. When you make that final decision to become one of the modern heroes today, it feels tremendously rewarding.

The school of medicine is an exceptionally illuminating career choice for anyone who chooses it. There is extensive scope for progress and a massive room for you to make a difference in someone else’s life. And not to mention, the salary and the enormous opportunities are soaring high.

However, medical school is a tough place to be in or enter. That’s one major drawback when you get into such a place. You must have an impeccable academic background for you to get considered for admission. Even so, you shouldn’t get downhearted and put off your dreams in saving lives and reaching success.

You shouldn’t shelve off your dream just because you got presented with discriminating and daunting factors. Instead, use these impediments as a motivation. Prepare everything flawlessly to have a successful application to get into the top medical universities that you want.

And while you’re at that, here are some of the top medical universities that you may want to consider.

Top 10 Medical Universities in the World

These top ten medical universities are the most notable ones and remarkably well-known throughout the world.

  1. Harvard University

Overall Score – 100

Reigning on the number one spot is the world-renowned reputable Harvard University. When you talk about Ivy League schools, Harvard always comes out first in people’s mouths, and there’s a credible reason for it.

Ranked as the best medical school for research due to the state-of-the-art facility and technology propelled by funding, Harvard University is a prime school to be in, especially if you want to concert on learning through discovery in the medical field. Most of all, the students and faculty conduct research together.

  • University of Oxford

Overall Score – 96.7

Securing the second spot of the list is the prestigious Oxford University. This UK top school’s curriculum focuses primarily on the scientific side of the medicine. The school encourages students to work and extract conclusions from the pieces of their research.

Hence, ensuring that their graduates are well-prepared and ready-made pioneers in the medical field.

  • University of Cambridge

Overall Score – 94.3

The second-best university in the UK, the University of Cambridge, comes at number three top medical schools in the world. It gets highly involved in tradition and keened on thought-related processes instead of practical learning.

Cambridge is notably known to introduce theoretical and classroom-based learning to students until their third year. After that, they allow their medical students to explore further in the field.

  • Stanford University

Overall Score – 94.3

An Ivy League school located in Palo Alto, California, Stanford University is first and foremost famous for its technological influence and achievements, given with the fact that it’s nearby Silicon Valley.

Nevertheless, the university is also an outstanding school when it comes to medical courses. Thus, making it at the fourth spot among the top medical universities in the world.

  • Karolinska Institute

Overall Score – 93.6

Settling at sixth is the Sweden-based school, the Karolinska Institute. It’s a small institute located in the quite outlying district of Stockholm. Despite that, the educational institution is widely famous as one of Europe’s best medical schools.

Among its many notable alumni discovered four elements and the chemical notation inventor as well as DNA/cancer research expert. Hence, the school is the home of some of the prestigious Nobel-prized winners.

  • Imperial College London

Overall Score – 93.6

Quaintly located in UK’s capital, this college is also remarkably notable for its top-notch medical education. Imperial College London’s medicine school boasts innovative methods in teaching pedagogy, research, and programs.

Its medical school also offers a dual qualification program to its undergraduate students. They introduce their students to several teaching strategies, including case-based learning, preparing clinical practice, and developing research skills.

  • University College London (UCL)

Overall Score – 92.9

This London-based university is another world-renowned top medical university. It has direct access to the largest and most active trauma departments in the UK. Moreover, its Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, or MBBS program is among the most sought-after courses in medicine in the country. 

It takes pride with lots of innovations and discoveries in the human immune system and adrenaline, which are two of the most significant and outstanding advances in the history of medicine. 

  • Yale University

Overall Score – 88

Another world-famous top medical school is Yale University. This long-established reputable educational institution is well-known for its diverse innovations, such as the first X-ray execution, the first faculty to use chemotherapy treatment to treat cancer, and the first in administering the initial use of penicillin on the US ground.

Yale promotes a more independent approach to learning. Usually, during the first two years, students aren’t graded, and they typically throw large lecture classes instead of exclusive tutorials and seminars.

  • Johns Hopkins University

Overall Score – 82.7

Distinctly known as the oldest medical research university, this world’s fifth top university in medicine sits in the dainty state of Maryland. Johns Hopkins University sets the bar higher when it comes to advancements in medicine.

Among the variously attributed recognitions that the school received include the sickle cell disease treatment, first biological pacemaker creation, and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) development.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Overall Score – 79.2

David Geffen School of Medicine makes UCLA in the list of top medical universities in the world. The university is notable for its premier clinical studies. That is why it’s on top of the list of most prestigious clinical colleges globally.

The four-year course comes with two years of theoretical study and another two years of clinical learning, which also includes an entire year of placements and rotations in several hospitals in Los Angeles.

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