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Workplace Safety: Reaching the COVID-19 Finish Line

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Submitted by Marcus Lansky at Abilitator

Although Australia has been the site of effective self-isolation and other safety practices that have substantially limited the spread of COVID-19, the pandemic isn’t fully behind us. Since the virus continues to spread in other parts of the world, variants and new outbreaks could conceivably pop up again here. Vaccinations are underway, and we’re on the path toward putting COVID-19 behind us, but we must keep vigilant in order to continue to do so effectively.

Workplaces have a particular responsibility to keep employees and customers safe, both from COVID-19 and other health concerns. Here’s a look at some of the best steps your company can take to keep your people safe at work:

Inform Your Workers

Safety is a team effort. Make sure everyone’s on the same page.

  • Make good use of informational posters to remind employees about practices such as hand washing, physical distancing, and staying home when sick.
  • Consider bringing in an Upwork instructional designer to help create an up-to-date and effective training program for workplace safety.
  • Ask for employee feedback to make sure guidelines and expectations are clear and consistent across departments and at all levels.

Stay Informed

Australia has handled the pandemic well so far, but staying informed can help us keep it up.

Consider Broad Health Initiatives

COVID-19 isn’t the only thing putting Australians’ health at risk: Here’s how to improve overall worker health.

  • Remember to factor in non-communicable diseases when considering employee health.
  • For example, you should encourage any employees who work outdoors to wear sufficient sunscreen.
  • Health initiatives that encourage desk-job and other stationary employees to stay active in their daily lives can have significant benefits on long-term health.

As a company, you can make a big difference in employees’ lives when it comes to helping them stay healthy. We hope these resources give you the tools you need to keep your employees, customers, and community safe!

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