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The 9 Best Medical Schools to Study Medicine in Australia

Australia is one of the top choices for medical studies due to its leading position in medical research and technology. You need to appear for the UMAT Exam for admission to the undergraduate course and GAMSAT Exam for the postgraduate course in medicine followed by an interview, according to the particular University’s admission criteria.

There are numerous good medical colleges in Australia. Here are the nine best medical schools to study medicine in Australia

1.     The University of Sydney (PG only), NSW

The University of Sydney is number one in Australia when it comes to medical studies. It offers an only postgraduate degree or a Double Degree Medicine Program (DDMP) right after higher secondary. The entry to this college is robust owing to the upper cut off and a series of small interviews.

Approximate Cost

Domestic Student: $10,596.00 AUD

International Student: $74,000 AUD

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate Double Degree: 99.95 ATAR (or equivalent), competency in English.

Postgraduate: Bachelor’s Degree GPA, GAMSAT, MMI,

QS World University Rankings

Medicine: 15

2.     University of Melbourne (PG only), Victoria

The University of Melbourne is the top research university in Australia. Yes, it is the famous university where Dr Graeme Clark conducted research and invented the cochlear implant in the 1970s. The university offers only postgraduate courses, but you can get into the double degree course after high school.

Approximate Cost

Domestic Student: $65,568 AUD

International Student: $77,824 AUD

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate: 95+ ATAR (or equivalent)

Postgraduate: High GPA in undergraduate degree, competency in English, GAMSAT score, MMI.

QS World University Rankings

Medicine: 19

3.     University of New South Wales, Kensington

The University of New South Wales is one of the top colleges for medical studies offering both postgraduate and undergraduate courses in medicine. Admission is granted based on academic rank and UMAT/ GAMSAT score, plus you have to clear one interview by the panel.

Approximate Cost

Domestic Student: $63,576 AUD

International Student: $254,880 AUD

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate: UMAT score, Interview marks, and academic performance.

Postgraduate: GAMSAT score, Interview marks, and academic performance

QS World University Rankings

Medicine: 50

4.     Monash University, Clayton

Monash University is one of the leading universities in Australia for medicine, offering a direct entry medicine program for undergraduates. In 1984, the university contributed to the success of the first IVF baby.

Approximate Cost

Domestic Student: $ 9800 AUD

International Student: $38500 AUD

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate: UMAT, 94 ATAR , MMI

Postgraduate: Bachelor’s Degree, GAMSAT, MMI.

QS World University Rankings

Medicine: 29

5.     University of Queensland (PG only), Brisbane

The University of Queensland is one of the top universities offering only postgraduate degree along with provisional entry undergraduate course.

Approximate Cost

Domestic Student: $ 8712 AUD (UG) and $ 32,112 AUD (PG)

International Student: $10,596 (UG) and $ 69, 120 AUD (PG)

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate: UMAT score, excellent performance in High School

Postgraduate: GAMSAT score, Bachelor’s with minimum GPA, Other entry requirements

QS World University Rankings

Medicine: 42

6.     Deakin University, Victoria

Deakin University has excellent research-oriented programs under the guidance of leading researchers and faculty experts.

Approximate Cost

Domestic Student: $40,000 AUD

International Student: $60,000 AUD

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate: UMAT/ISAT score, MMI, high school performance.

Postgraduate: Bachelor’s degree, GAMSAT, interview.

7.     University of Adelaide, Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is one of the top names in providing the academic program with a postgraduate degree backed by a lot of training.

Approximate Cost

Domestic Student: $ 60,000 AUD

International Student: $ 70,000 AUD

Entry Requirements

Postgraduate: GAMSAT, bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA, Interview.

QS World University Rankings

Medicine: 106

8.     University of Newcastle, New South Wales

The University of Newcastle is one of the best colleges for medicine, with its excellent academic program and vast practice included in the course.

Approximate Cost

Domestic Student: AUD 9000

International Student: $35,000 AUD

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate: High School Performance, Competent English

Postgraduate: Bachelor’s degree, Competent English

QS World University Rankings

Medicine: Among the top 150.

9.     Flinders University, South Australia

Flinders University is among the top picks for medicine because of its innovative and unique study program, which enhances the course outcome.

Approximate Cost

Domestic Student: AUD 9000

International Student: $ 35,000 AUD

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate: High School Performance, Competent English

Postgraduate: GAMSAT, Bachelor’s degree, Competent English

Getting enrolled in these universities will be the first step towards your success. So, choose carefully and work hard to get admission in the medical courses in any one of the top universities in Australia for a bright future in medicine.


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