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How to Develop Content Marketing Materials for Your Medical Practice

Content marketing is the future of online marketing. The trend now is no longer about just plain sales and marketing materials that entice the audience to avail of whatever it is that you are offering. This is a form of panhandling that simply does not work anymore due to the number of choices that consumers have.

Content marketing is a perfect fit for medical practices as there is a limited amount of interesting and engaging content that you can share. There are tons of tips about general wellness, and there are always health issues that are worth sharing and raising awareness.

Sharing content is easy, but doing so in a way that raises your quality, credibility, and reputation in the eyes of your potential clientele will take some time to do and perfect. As such, it is very important to understand some important strategies that you can do in your content marketing campaign.

Social Media is King

Content marketing is important for any type of business, and medical practices are definitely no different. Online marketing allows you access to billions of Internet users, and you can use different channels to reach them.

However, one form of media is above and beyond other means of communication online. Compared To blogs, newsletters, or articles on your site, social media sites such as Facebook are utilized over 90% of the time.

This means that the market that you’re looking for is on social media, and while other channels can also reach a respectable number of views and attraction rates, this is where you need to focus your content and where you need to maximize your efforts.

Have a Target Audience

You know where the fishes are, but what matters is that you know which ones to catch. Throwing a wide net is good, but most of the time it would be a waste of effort. If your practice specializes in obstetrics, it would be practical to cater your content to women as men would simply ignore what you have to say.

Your content must be specific to the niche that you want to penetrate. While you may steer away from related topics from time to time, you should always find a way to direct it back to whom and to what you are trying to sell.

Content marketing must create interest and desire, and directing it to an audience that will in no way interest them will be a waste of precious resources. As such, finding groups or mailing lists specific to a desired demographic is the best way to concentrate your efforts on the audience that you want to capture.

Beware of Fake News

Apart from providing relevant information about health-related topics and news, it is very important – critical, in fact – to share data that is accurate. Unfortunately, fake news is very prevalent due to irresponsible reporting or malicious intent, and sharing these types of information can drastically hurt your credibility.

Ensure that all information that you share has been verified and fact-checked before it is released. It can be very easy to share health tips that not only do not have any effects but can also be detrimental to a person’s health. Always check information and never publish anything that you don’t believe.

In order to further enhance your reputation, you can act as a debunker of fake news. You can provide real facts and hard evidence that those invested in the topic can appreciate. This will help potential patients perceive you as a professional that is an expert in their field as well as one who they can entrust their health and their life upon.

Show Genuine Care

It can be quite difficult to share content without plugging your practice. While this is okay, your main message should be one of care and concern. Your audience must feel that your posts are intended to inform and raise awareness to promote better health.

Do not forget to add a touch of humanity to your posts. Bring the information down to a level that laymen can understand. You should remember that you are conversing with the public, not with a bunch of doctors or scientists. The more they understand what you are trying to say, the better.

Share tips that can help your customers improve their health. Provide them with news that can help raise their awareness about a disease that they should be careful of. These would surely be appreciated and would most likely translate to sales without you trying to do a direct sell in your content.

Adhere to Rules and Regulations

Doctors are required to comply with standards according to state and national laws. A primary example of this is the HIPAA. This act requires privacy and confidentiality when it comes to sharing information. As such, make sure that you have explicit and written consent if you want to share news about a specific case that you are handling.

Likewise, it is not allowed to post content that is explicitly intended to diagnose or treat disease. While you may discuss potential symptoms and treatments for a particular condition, you cannot divulge information that will allow patients to serve as their doctors.

You may review your laws and basic codes of conduct to ensure that you can adhere to them each time you share news online, write an article, or update your social media accounts.

Participate Actively

If ever anyone comments or inquires anything about your posts, make sure to respond. This will improve your reputation tremendously, especially if they know that there is an actual person behind the words. Always be professional, be courteous, and provide information as needed.

Set aside time in your day to respond to these comments, and make sure to do this diligently. However, it is perfectly okay to ignore trolls or those that write irrelevant content. Whenever possible, you can block them instead.

This is the perfect opportunity to invite your audience to visit your practice and avail of your services. Commenting or asking questions means that your audience is already interested, and all it would take is one little push for them to become your future patient.

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