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Why is SEO for Medical Practices So Important?

A business will need clients so that they can remain in business. It is a simple fact that applies to all companies, and that includes medical practices. If you don’t have a steady influx of patients coming in, it will only be a matter of time before your business goes under.

Most medical practices now have websites that represent their business. However, the problem here is that your site can have a difficult time reaching your potential patients. This is especially true if you have a lot of competition, and there are definitely lots of medical practices that are out there trying to take a chunk out of the market.

Enter SEO, an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Underneath all of the jargon, SEO is the implementation of strategies and tools that will help you reach more people. This is done by optimizing your page in such a way that users searching for particular keywords will have a higher chance of encountering your site.

So why is SEO important for medical practices, and how does it compare to the usual ways and means of reaching the masses? Here are some of the reasons why you should look into SEO as a new strategy on how to improve your medical practice.

Everyone Does Searches Online

Millions of health-related searches are being done in search engines like Google on a daily basis. Most of these users are legitimately looking for solutions to medical conditions. While many still rely on word of mouth or even the yellow pages for their local doctors, the Internet is king when it comes to finding stuff.

With such a massive number of potential audiences, a non-SEO optimized site will simply get lost in the shuffle. Those who rely on old-school approaches when it comes to marketing will be left in the dust simply because users who don’t use the Internet for health-related searches are already a dying breed.

Maintaining and improving your presence online is very critical, and SEO can help your practice do just that by making your website relevant and appear more often when it comes to searches related to the keywords that you would like to target.

It Helps You Target Your Audience

Speaking of keywords, choosing the right words or phrases to target is critical in any type of SEO campaign. This will allow you to pinpoint a specific group or subset of people that are looking for the exact product or service that you are trying to offer.

The term “medical services” may be too broad if you only do dermatology. “Dermatologists”, on the other hand, can be quite an effective keyword but you may waste valuable resources in casting too wide of a net but not catching a satisfactory number of fish based on the number of times that you appear in searches.

“Dermatologists in Sydney” or “dermatologists in Atlanta area”, however, are more specific and to the point. Those searching for these keywords are definitely near the area, and if you appear alongside doctors of other specialties or dermatologists from a state away, your site would be the one most likely to be visited.

It Makes You Seem More Credible

There is a popular saying that any type of publicity is good publicity. This is true even when it comes to searches. Just like in TV commercials, products or brands that appear more often seem more credible and effective in the eyes of the public. This applies to businesses that appear in web searches as well.

In the world of the Internet, more exposure means better reputation. This is because recognition is perceived as competence and quality, even if others are actually better. You can use this to your advantage, however, as public image can be enhanced by improving your visibility.

Reaching the top of search rankings will do wonders for your credibility. That is why SEO is very much sought after by entities that are more well-known by the public but are generally less knowledgeable or competent than those with higher levels of skill or knowledge.

You Have a Higher Chance of Getting Chosen

Studies have shown that the first ranked result in Google searches gets the most traffic. Thirty-three percent of traffic goes to the first result, seventeen percent goes to the second on the list, while the third gets around eleven percent.

This means that over half of the traffic due to searches go to the first three sites on the list. Imagine being ranked first in a search made by a million people. Now, imagine being ranked last in a search made by the same number of people. Which one would you prefer?

The number one spot in search rankings is the Holy Grail for those who are undergoing an SEO campaign. This is because being on top almost guarantees you top traffic and top sales, and that is a position that anyone with a product or service to offer wants.

You Can Decrease Marketing Expenses

Marketing can be very costly. Printing brochures, renting airtime in television or radio, or hiring people to make cold calls or distribute fliers can rack up high expenses. Compared to the Internet, the potential reach of these methods is limited and impractical. As such, these types of marketing are no longer popular and are rarely used anymore.

SEO campaigns can also cost quite a bit. However, they are only a fraction of the amount that you would spend through other means of spreading your name around. It can also provide a much more effective conversion rate when compared against the money and resources that you actually spend.

What this means is that you can actually get more patients if your page is more optimized, and you would have spent much less as compared to getting additional manpower or printing marketing materials. This translates to higher profits and a better return on investment for your practice.

You can hire SEO experts to help improve your site’s rankings. This is a very wise investment that can help your practice be more popular and profitable.

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