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Facebook Ads for Medical Practices

There are many ways by which you can now advertise online, and Facebook is a social media platform that trumps out the rest when it comes to market reach. With 1.69 billion users expected in 2020, Facebook is turning out to be a great opportunity to get your brand across.

Medical practices can take advantage of Facebook ads in many ways. However, this is a resource that you should not use nonchalantly as, while Facebook ads are a powerful marketing tool, there are many ways to not use it properly. This wastes time, money, and precious resources.

As such, here are some ways that you can use Facebook ads to successfully market your medical practice so that you are guaranteed conversions for your business.

Target Your Audience Properly

Facebook Ads allow you to target certain groups so that your posts can reach them. This is a very integral part of your online marketing campaign as you should know exactly which type of audience you would like to target.

Facebook allows you to set very specific criteria for your target audience. Factors such as location, demographics, gender, and interests can be set so that your advertised ads can appear in the news feed of those that you would like to reach based on the conditions that you have set.

Be very careful in this regard. You won’t have to target the entire country if you only want to serve people in your city. You don’t have to target men if your clientele is comprised completely of women. Use logic as well as research on your client profile to target more accurately and productively.

Capture Your Audience at First Sight

You only have a few seconds to impress your audience and catch their attention before they swipe down. If your content does not interest them, then it is all over. With that in mind, make sure to have that wow factor in the first image that your audience sees so that they will click on your ad to want to learn more.

Make sure to provide interesting content in the first thing that your audience sees. For medical practices, this can be in the form of medical charts, informative trivia, or even before and after pictures. The bolder and louder your message is, the better.

Facebook users go through hundreds, if not thousands, of posts in their news feed per day. They will not have the time to go through each one unless it captures their interest. You only have one shot to do this, so make sure to make it count.

Make it Interactive

Facebook provides a lot of ways to make your audience engaged with your content and keep them interested. You can also let your imagination fly when it comes to getting your message across while still being able to provide entertaining content.

Facebook allows you to create Canvas ads, Carousel ads, videos, GIFs, and many more. This allows you to post content in fun and engaging ways. There are also polls and even games that you can post to keep your audience entertained and be interested in your content.

Make sure, though, that what you are posting is relevant to your business. A call to action is important at the end of your post, and Facebook users who find your content relevant will more than likely respond positively and be more interested in what else you have to offer.

Inform Before Making a Sale

Avoid trends where in the first thing that your market sees when they view your post is you asking them to avail of your services. This is a strategy that simply will not work nowadays. Many marketing experts agree that it is important to first provide information relevant to your audience before you even attempt at making a sale.

Before you make a pitch, you must be able to attract your audience with relevant and accurate information related to your practice. This can even be related to local or global health-related news. You must also create a desire for them to avail of what you have to offer.

One important rule that marketers often use is AIDA, which stands for Attract, Inform, Desire, and Act. The last part, Act, is very important and should be located at the final 20 to 30% of your content. Create interest and desire in your content by providing relevant and useful information before pitching your practice.

Use Low Friction Conversions

Remember that Facebook provides deals and promotions that you would need to compete with. With that, know that the current trends in Facebook marketing are not about making sales per se, but rather calls to action that can result in continued engagement and patronage.

What this means is that your goal when using Facebook Ads may not be to get bookings but rather to call for further engagement that can lead to bookings. This strategy may include allowing your audience to sign up for newsletters, claiming vouchers for discounts or free treatments, or even scheduling for free calls about more information.

By down selling your business in your ads, you can generate more interest and you will have a better chance at making them bite and want more out of your business if you can lure them in with little steps that will eventually lead to full-blown sales.

Evaluate and Adjust

Facebook also provides metrics where you can study how much of an impact your ads have had with your target audience. This will allow you to know just how well your campaigns are running and you will have enough data to make adjustments to your targeting scheme.

This will also allow you to adjust your budget and bidding amounts depending on your click-through rates. By learning how to understand analytics and the data that it can provide, you can evaluate the success of your campaign and make changes in areas that need it the most.

Hiring a social media manager that can help you make great Facebook ad campaigns can also be beneficial as they have the expertise to properly implement posts that will help you generate more sales. They can also provide you with relevant information on your market reach and they can help you further improve your brand recognition and customer engagement and conversion online.

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