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6 Big Australian Pharmacy Groups By Revenue

Pharmacy Groups play an essential role in providing healthcare commodities in an accessible form. There are various big players in the pharmacy industry throughout the country. Here are the 6 big Australian Pharmacy Groups by revenue:

1.     My Chemist Group

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My Chemist Group has a market share of 23.3 percent in pharmaceuticals retail and has many Chemist warehouse stores under its wings. It has grown from five stores in 1995 to 300 stores with annual sales of $4 billion in 2020. The Group also owns the chain stores My Beauty Sport and ePharmacy. Estimations predict a further increase in revenue after a franchise agreement with Chemist Warehouse Berjaya Asia in Malaysia.

Company Revenue: $ 4 billion

2.     Sigma Healthcare Limited

Sigma Pharmaceuticals established in 1912. The company has come a long way during the past 100 years. After 1996, it was no more than a co-operative company, and in 2011, it divested its manufacturing part, too. The company is going to concentrate on wholesale and retail distribution, including multi-channel elements. Sigma Pharmaceuticals covers 19.3 percent of retail pharmacies with brands like Amcal, Chemist King, Guardian, PharmaSave, and Discount Drug Stores. Supplying independent pharmacies, the company is also a critical player in the wholesale market.

Company Revenue: $ 4.3 billion

3.     Terry White Chemmart Group

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In 2016 the Terry White Group merged with Chemmart to create Terry White Chemmart Group. One of Australia’s major retail pharmacy networks, it has 500 pharmacies under the Terry White Chemmart banner now. Together they claim 10.2 percent of the market share of the company recorded a growth of 3.5 percent in the financial year of 2017 and generates annual sales of $2 billion. The Australian based Symbion company owns Terry White Group and Chemmart Group under the ownership of Zuellig Healthcare Holdings Australia Pty Limited.

Company Revenue: $ 2 billion

4.     Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (API) is a company that covers three main business areas- pharmacy distribution mainly wholesale product delivery, retailing, and healthcare products. The company operates through the brands Priceline, Pharmacist Advice, Soul Pattinson Chemist, Pharmacy Best Buys, and Club Premium. With these brands and independent wholesale businesses, the API owns 10.2 percent market share of retail industry. In nine years, the company’s sales have grown from $1.9 million to $3.4 million. In April 2012, the company announced its intention to increase its retail business to acquire 50 percent of its sales from retail from 30 percent of Priceline. It also launched an online Priceline store in June 2012.

Company Revenue: $ 4,035,373,000 (2018)

5.     EBOS Group Limited

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EBOS Group is a company with operations in both New Zealand and Australia in the fields of pharmacy, healthcare, animal health products. It manufactures and distributes products as wholesalers and through franchises too.

Company Revenue: $ 4 billion

6.     National Pharmacies

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National Pharmacies is a mutual organization with headquarters in South Australia and was established under the name of Friendly Society Medical Association (FSMA). It generated sales of $304.3 million with 57 pharmacies under its wings. It operates as a PBS medicines wholesaler and CSO distributor in South Australia and Victoria.

Company Revenue: $304.3 million

The demand for healthcare products is never going to decrease, but there are several factors like changes in market conditions or government policies that might produce positive, negative, or mixed effects on the future revenues of these companies.


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